Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Opens In Korea. December 6 2007

How I saw it DVD Screener


Box office totals for movie in USA. $118,823,091

Have you ever like the remake more than you did the original? The majority of the time the answer has been yes. In this case, the answer is a huge no! I never was a fan of the original 1988 "Hairspray", So when the remake was announced, based on the Broadway musical, I went in with a bias against the film. I am glad to report that I was wrong about that.

The films cast pulls this film off so that there is not a bad acting role in the film.

Now please realize if you see this in a Korean theater, you will be the only one catching allot of the jokes.

What I really like was Tracy Turnblad family with John Travolta, filling in for the late great Divines role, and Christopher Walken portraying her father, seeing John and Chris act as a married couple was hilarious.

Please give it a look when it arrives in Korea.

Grade A

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