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Movie review> Lust, Caution.


Opened in South Korea. 8 November 2007

How I saw it. CGV


Now for those wanting to see Ang Lee's new film here in Korea please be advised the film in 99% Chinese with Korean Subtitles. If this bothers you then please wait until you can purchase it on DVD. This review will include allot of spoilers so if you do not the film to be spoiled, then please stop reading the review now.

To be honest, I had no real information on this film before I went to go see the film. I knew that Ang Lee had directed it and that it took place in 1942 when Shanghai China was being occupied by the Japanese Army. After watching the film, I knew that I had seen a film that I was not expecting to see.

The film was given a NC-17 rating in the USA because of some very graphic sex scenes between the Actor Tony Leung and actress Tang Wei. (After the rating was given, It was revealed by the Director, that the sex between the stars was real) In China the sex scenes were removed and I feel that that is a huge mistake. You see how he treats her in the beginning and how he treats her near the end of the film, you actually feels that she has fallen in love with him.

This become important because she is trying to, with her friends, kill Japanese collaborator, Mr. Yee. What was great about the film was that at first, she wants to kill him and you see how she uses sex to try and achieve that goal. Then you see something that changes, she realizes that she loves him and that he loves her and with their last time at sex, you see that he has transformed from a beast into a man that is in love. (Watch the scene at the jewelers, for the real impact of her love for him)

Please watch the last 5 minutes of the film, you will see that even amongst the winners, no one wins at the end of this film. I think that you will remember the end of this film for a few days. It was that sad.

If sex in a film disturbs you then please pass on this one. If you want to see a well made film about a Japanese collaborator during World War 2. Then please see this film.

Grade A.

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