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2007 ROK Year In Review

Happy New Year everyone. Hopefully everyone who is reading this does not have to much of a head ache after a night of New Year’s partying. Anyway I have created a listing of what I think were the top news stories of 2007 right here on the ROK Drop. You can read them below the fold:

#37 - June - Kim Yun-jin claims discrimination as part of the LOST cast.

#36 - July - DC judge looses $54 million dollar lawsuit against Korean-American dry cleaners.

#35 - December - Dutch diplomat abandons adopted Korean daughter for not adapting to Dutch culture.

#34 - September - KBS2 airs program bashing low quality foreign English teachers.

#33 - March - The new and highly advanced XK2 tank is fielded by the ROK Army.

#32 - October - The Jewish white bastards of Yong Yu Island. Israel didn’ appreciate the Hitler Bars either.

#31 - October - Percocet gang busted on Osan Airbase.

#30 - July - US beef continues to be blocked from Korean market.

#29 - June - Filipino diplomat caught shoplifting in Yongsan PX leads to diplomatic dispute between USFK and the Filipino Embassy.

#28 - April - Kunsan Airbase locked down after taxi cab related incident.

#27 - October - Hanchongryun thugs attack US soldiers at front gate of Camp Casey and get away with it.

#26 - January - AP reporter Charles Hanley responds to No Gun Ri reporting criticism. After reading Hanley’s comment make sure to read this.

#25 - August - Excavation team can find no evidence of human remains at No Gun Ri. More here. No response from Charles Hanley.

#24 - November - US Navy aids North Korean sailors battle Somali pirates.

#23 - February - ROK Army soldier killed in suicide bombing in Afghanistan.

#22 - July - Korean church threatens to intern bodies of foreigners including ex-GIs buried at the Yanghwajin Foreigner Cemetery in Seoul.

#21 - February - US Congress passes non-binding resolution condemning Japan for World War II comfort women.

#20 - February - Hongdae area of Seoul put off limits to American GIs by USFK commander.

#19 - March - Controversial USFK marriage policy is implemented.

#18 - April - Korean government takes control of vacated USFK camps despite bogus pollution issue.

#17 - April - US GIs continue to get screwed by Korean courts.

#16 February - USFK implements highly controversial .10% Blood Alcohol Content policy.

#15 February - ROK Army soldier who sexually assaulted American female soldier on Camp Casey found guilty but given suspended sentence and serves no jail time.

#14 - March - Grandma rape case perpetrator is sentenced to four years in prison.

#13 - October - US admits 32 North Korean defectors.

#12 - May - SPC Vang Her is killed by a taxi cab driver in Dongducheon and stripped of his clothes.

#11 - December - Man kills one and injures another ROK Marine and steals their weapons in response to girlfriend issues.

#10 - January - USFK Commander B.B. Bell is warned by the Korean government over his "undiplomatic remarks" after he voices his frustrations with the Korean government cutting agreed upon funding and delaying the USFK transformation after Secretary Rumsfeld resigned from the Pentagon.

#9 - February - War time operational control delayed to 2012.

#8 - September - Reports of North Korea proliferating nuclear technology to Syria following an Israeli airstrike on the country are released.

#7 - September - Presidents Bush and Roh argue over North Korea in front of the cameras at APEC Summit in Sydney.

#6 - February - New Agreed Framework nuclear agreement with North Korea is signed and unsurprisingly the US has given in and given North Korea extra goodies while North Korea has missed every deadline since.

#5 - January - The US government cuts funding to the UN Developmental Program which the supposed development funding was nothing more than unaccountable hard cash being paid to the Kim regime. Unbelievable corruption which is becoming more and more epidemic in the UN that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon pledged to investigate but instead has covered up.

#4 - December - Worst oil spill in Korean history hits west coast. Many USFK soldiers volunteer to aid with clean up.

#3 - July - 23 Korean missionaries were kidnapped in Afghanistan with two being murdered by the Taliban. The Korean government pays multi-million dollar bribe to the Taliban and withdraws Korean troops from Iraq while simultaneously blaming the US government for the situation.

#2 - April - The mass killing of students at Virginia Tech by Korean student.

#1 - December - Lee Myung-bak elected as the next president of Korea.

Any thoughts about the list? Does anyone think I left any important news stories out? If so let it be known in the comments section. Once again Happy New Year.

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