Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Well Happy 2008 everybody.

This could be a very interesting year in Korea.

I have no idea what the future hold but I will deal with it when it does. Based on my track record, this could be very interesting.

The usual items, lose weight, be a better teacher, try and find significant other. The usual request for the new year. Try and be a better person and try to get closer with God.

I will try and keep up with going around in Korea in movies and be honest with the reviews. The end of the year list is still a few weeks away, still waiting on a few films. Will be boycotting all future releases from MK Pictures (Korean Film Company) will tell they story why later. I am still boycotting Jane Fonda, see no end in sight for that one.

Looks like I will be busy with wedding for the first 2 months of this year.

Danny get married on JAN 12 and I have been told to suit up for that one. I will fly to New Zealand in Feb 2008 for Dan and Greer's Wedding. I just bought a round trip ticket from Auckland to Christchurch and I will have to take a bus to Dunedin. Yes I have no idea quite yet where exactly I am going but Next month I will have a better idea. Should make for some great stories.

Once again 2008, no idea where my 2 kids are. Its a bad story that will only get worse.

Looks like my brother James, is due to walk down the aisle for 4x now. I have talked to the girl and I think that I might have met her back in the 80's. I do hope that this is the right one for him.

Big thing is what to do with the new E-2 Visa requirements here in Korea. Looks like next weeks I will have to start a FBI background check for past criminal activities. I still fell that all of the BS lies that the Korean media has presented about all Korean teachers and the supposed "Chester the Molester" incident, has caused this to happen and the hogwons are going to have to bear the cost of it.

Still like my job and hope that all goes well here. Baseball season will be in a few months and want to see as many games as I can. My "Supposed" best friend will be playing for the Samsung Lions this year. Seoul will have a 3rd baseball team in the KT team with the Hyundai Unicorns folding up shop. Shame about Suwon losing their baseball team.

Well happy 2008 and hope this year is a good one for you all....

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