Friday, October 10, 2008

What if you fell in love with the perfect person but years later you find out that he was, actually, ordered to marry you because he was a "secret policeman" under the communist Polish Government? If this sounds interesting then welcome to the film Scratch

Once again, I went into the film without any real idea what the film would be about. The crowd seemed eager to see the film and the plot sounded somewhat interesting.

Well it worked for the first 20 minutes, then I noted that the couple next to me went to sleep, the people down from me also went to sleep and I looked around and I noticed that about a half of the audience either had their eyes closed or they were really sound asleep.

I keep watching this movie about the wronged woman, and I was, sad to say, feeling sorry for the husband for having to be married to her. For a wronged woman story to work, one must actually feel sorry for this girl, but when the daughter tells how much of a bad mother she really was, a few more people lost interest in this film. By the end of the film, it was clear that this film had failed here at the PIFF so horribly, that the person next to me stated he will never watch another film from Poland again, due to this junk.

I did a quick survey of the audience and with the 25 people that I asked only 1 person, she was from Poland, actually liked the film. The rest told me that they either fell asleep,or really hated the film.

Michal Rosa directed a really bad film and seriously hurt any future films that the majority of the PIFF crowd will ever give him the benefit of the doubt.

Please pass on this film at all cost.

Grade. F

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