Monday, October 06, 2008

What if you wanted to go back home but you can't because your home has been taken away by the Israeli government. You have an American Passport but you want a passport from Palestine. But by an agreement with the Israeli government, you can't be given one. You have the plot behind the film Salt of this Sea

This film was very had to judge by the audience reaction. The crowd members who were pro-Palestine, loved the film. Those in the crowd who were pro-Israeli, hated the film.

I fall in the Pro-Israeli camp and really thought that the film portrayed the Israeli's as monsters and the Palestine's as saints. I put this first in the review because, the reader, needs to know about any luggage that the critic brings to the film that he is going to review.

We are introduced to Soraya, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, makes a decision to return to her ancestral home in Palestine while trying to recover her exiled family’s money from the British Palestine Bank. When she tells the truth to the Israeli security she is only given a two week visa.

Once she enters Palestine, she tries to ind out where home is but where her grandfather grew up, is now in Israel's control and she can not get their from where she is. Soraya tells everyone that she wants to live in Palestine and no one can figure out why. The people that she meets want to leave their homeland and never return.

The film then deals with how she gets her exiled money back and she gets to visit her grandfathers home. The film then deals with her anger that her family had to lose this house and how life in unfair to the Palestinians and how her new lover can not leave his city legally.

The film takes the side of the Palestinians and here is where the film lost me. It showed only one side of the conflict and makes it look very slanted towards the Israel's control of certain lands.

The film ends with Soraya telling the security forces that her American passport is actually a Palestine one. The do not believe it and because she has out stayed her 2 week visa and we see her being deported at the end of the film.

For this film to work, one has to actually feel sorry for Soraya and I never could justify any feelings towards her. She acted like a spoiled American and the film never could recover from it. No matter how hard she tried she never looked like or acted like a local that she was so much trying to achieve in this film.

After the film was over the polled crowed was split into the 2 earlier camps that I had earlier talked about.

You will either love this film or you will hate it due to the main topic of the film. The polled crowed gave me no middle ground in this film and I feel that that the final review of this film.

If you believe in the Palestine struggle, then you will love this film. If you side with the nation of Israel, then this film was fail for you on so many levels and you need to pass on Salt of This Sea when it comes to a cinema near you.

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