Friday, October 10, 2008

What if you knew you were innocent of murder but you are believed to be guilty and worse yet, you're pregnant and you will have to have your baby in jail. This was the plot of my last film at the PIFF, Lion`s Den

I was told that the film was a joint Argentina, Korea production and if this was the result, then please make more films together because the audience loved it. After the film, I went to see if the director, Pablo Trapero, had made anymore films recently because I want to watch a few more of his films.

The plot is really simple, a girl, Julia, is accused of murder and even though the evidence does not look to her as the killer, the Argentinean court finds her guilty and sentences her to a few years in prison. The only thing bad is that Julia and her son are in prison together until Julia's son is 4 and then the child will be taken away from the mother and given to his grandmother to watch until her time in jail is up.

What I liked about the film was that you are given Julia's story. The film does not judge, it just lets you roll with her story from the day of the crime until the end of the film.

The first half of the film deals with the crime and the birth of her son in jail and how she deals with her and her baby in a jail. The second half of the film deals with her mother trying to raiser her grandson away from the jail and when the grandmother succeeds in taking the child away from the mother, you see her rage as she rectifies the story and ends the film.

Pablo Trapero does a great job with the film and never makes Julia into a hero nor a villain. he just tells a real story and lets her roll of the punches.

Please see the film when you get a chance.

Grade A.

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