Friday, November 07, 2008

Defeat soaks in

Having had a day or so to contemplate the rebuke at the polls for conservatives in the 2008 US Election, what strikes me most is the maturity of conservative's response to their defeat.

While yes, you are going to find some hotheads right now on the right side of the political spectrum, I don't see a lot of Republicans threatening to move overseas, taking psychotropic medication, or heading off to see their shrinks. And furthermore, I am not seeing GOP operatives attacking the American people nonstop for being so stupid as to vote for the other guy. One could argue that the conservatives are entitled to such less-than-seemly actions--after all, these are all things that the left did in response to their loss in the 2004 US election.

I think this graciousness and maturity comes from the very top, from the man the Republican party put up for the election this year, and the man who was trounced so badly by the voters. Here's what I feel to be McCain's finest speech of his campaign. Too bad his best speech of the year ended up being his concession speech:

Never does McCain succumb to anxiety, pessimism or despair with his words. Instead, at what must be a tremendous low point, personally and professionally, for him and everyone around him, McCain speaks and exemplifies honor, respect, restraint, decorum, and sincere gratitude for having had the chance to serve. He doesn't throw a tantrum or hurtle accusations, and never does he utter an unkind word for his political opponent. Bravo, Senator McCain. I salute you.

All Americans should take deep pride that we have such leaders, that such sweeping changes in political power can occur democratically and peacefully. This is part what makes America great.

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