Saturday, November 08, 2008

What if one of your favorite movie characters, was on a vendetta. Would you want to go on the ride with him? If the answer is the movie Quantum of Solace, then its' yes.

The film follows exactly where Casino Royale , the last James Bond film, left off. (I would recommend that you re-watch the film before you go and see this one)

The plot of this film is basically, James Bond has shut down emotionally as a result of Vesper's death and is driven to investigate and, to a huge extent, a vendetta for her death.

The film need to be seen spoiler free so this is why i am not really going into much more of the plot that what I have already stated above.

What I liked about the film was that, I am really starting to like Daniel Craig , as Bond. You can see his prison and the fact that it is in his own mind, makes you fell compassion for 007. But, you also soon realize that death is coming for his foes and you feel no sorrow for the men of evil.

The films actions scenes may make some fell a bit sick, due to their jumping around and, at times it looks like Jason Bourne's jerky action shots. The film could be stated as long on action and short on plot, to those who did not see Casino Royale, beforehand.

If the film lost me anywhere is that i felt that it was about 30-40 minutes too short. I just kept wanting to see more plot development of Camile (The new Bond Girl) and Dominic Greene (the new villain). Instead i feel like its a greatest hits introduction to these 2 main players in the film and, to me, the film suffers for it. I also hated the theme song.

Overall, it's a worth addition to the Bond franchise. I eagerly await the next one. Please see the film in the Digital format for the best viewing possible for this film.

Grade B+

[from trailer]
Camille: Have you ever lost someone you loved?
James Bond: Yes.
Camille: Have you caught the one who took them from you?
James Bond: Not yet.
Camille: When you do, tell me how it feels...

Opened in South Korea. 5 November 2008

How I saw it. DLP Digital Cinema Primus.

(Shout out to the 10 other people who went with me as we saw the film together. It was great.)

Extra scene at the end. No

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