Wednesday, November 26, 2008


With the new 3-D cartoons now leashed upon the movie going public, I have wondered if we are missing what we loved about cartoon movies. The last few Walt Disney3d cartoon films (The Wild, Meet The Robinsons) have failed to live up to the Disney magic. I have even wondered, should Disney quit the 3-d market altogether and go back to the successful 2-D market. That was until I saw their new film "Bolt"

I had zero expectations for this new film. It stars John Travolta and the latest Disney Teen queen Miley Cyrus. The plot was about a super dog protecting a girl. I was thinking,"Great, another superdog film. Who really wants to see this?" The as I started to watch the film, the more I started to like the film and by the end of the film, I realized that Disney had finally recaptured their once, lost magic.

I have to give "Disney" credit for the original idea. What if you think that you are a super dog and you have been told that you are a super dog. The problem is that you have all of these powers and they only exist while you are filming your TV show. It's "The Truman Show" Bolt(Voiced most excellent by John Travolta) thinks that his T.V. show is real while everyone around him knows that its just a T.V show. So when a TV manager tell Bolt's director to make a new idea for Bolt, they kidnapped his friend Penny and decide to have a cliff hanger show. The only problem is, Bolt thinks that she has really been kidnapped and goes after her.

You can guess what happens, his powers are real and instead of saving her, he gets mailed to New York City and the film goes into, I must save Penny mode"

The film is helped along by a cat named, Mittens , a female alley cat, who bullies pigeons out of their food. Because Mittens looks like a cat owned by Dr. Calico, (The TV show villain) Bolt forces her to help him get back to Hollywood and to save Penny. Her story about how she ended up in New York and how she helps Bolt realize that he is a dog really gave the film its magic.

What i really like about this film was the role of Rhino (Voiced by Mark Walton), he is a hamster who has always wanted to work with his super hero fanboy crush, Bolt. The scene where Bolt warns Rhino about joining his quest had me laughing at all of the humor and heart that was shown at this scene.

The film sticks with what works for Disney, A good hero, loyal friends and one heck of an ending. I though the film was going to be a miss and instead its a huge hit and need to be seen when it opens here in Korea on December 25, 2008.

Until next month, "I see the crap, so you don't have to." Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.

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hanum said...

I just watched this movie last night :D , cool animation, great!