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The 25 worst films of 2008.

25. Baby Mama

I was told that this film was a comedy and that I would laugh at it. I was told that it had an interesting plot and that I would like it. After seeing this film, none of the above was true. I have no idea why Tina Fey made this film but it failed on every level.

24. The Strangers

Well, I still am not sure about this film. It was supposed to be an intelligent look at horror films. It was marketed as being inspired by a "true story". Well after the film was over, I researched the back story and found no such real event and another wasted time of a movie. The only good thing about this film was that it made its money back for Rogue Pictures.

23. Stop Loss

As someone who was hit with a stop loss back in 1990, this film just never sat well with me. I knew that I was the wrong audience for this film and I can not say that I was upset when this film failed at the US Box office. It just seemed like a bad cartoon to me. I never believed that the soldier in this film was real and the film could never recover from it.

22. Step Up 2: The Streets

I really have no idea what is worse: This film or the fact that their will be a #3 to this series. The films message kept stating that the dancing showdown was illegal but they never really said why it was illegal. Once again a teen film with low cost and hip hop movie makes money. Please pass on this film.

21. Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

As much as I liked "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" I really hated this film. I guess it was supposed to be funny but I did not laugh once at this film. It seemed like a soulless attempt to make more money off of a one-tricky pony the first film was. This film did not work for me and I can only hope that the proposed #3 in this film series is better than this one.

20. Superhero Movie

The best review of this film is what happened to me at CGV when I was going to see another film. A Korean man had just finished seeing this film and was leaving the CGV. He saw me and had the flier in his hand, pointed to me and I put my thumbs down, He nodded his head in an up and down motion and proceeded to rip up the flier and throw it in the trash. With neither of us saying a word, he said what he thought of this film.

19 Street Kings

I still say that the TV show "The Shield" was better than this film. It was a very bad attempt to copy "The Shield". This film just fails on every level. Instead of a great film we are given a less than stellar TV movie of the week. I still have no idea what Fox was thinking about when they agreed to make this film.

18. Leatherheads

What we have in this film is a rare misfire starring George Clooney. I guess he was trying to make a sports film about the early days of the NFL. I still can not understand why Renée Zellweger was included in this film. I thought that every scene she was in hurt this already fragile film and ultimately cost this film at the US Box office. Its a film that should have never been made in the first place.

17. The Eye

I am slowly getting to the point that I will soon refuse to see anymore films that are American releases of Asian Horror films. I have no idea why the US is doing this but all remakes need to stop if this is going to be the result. At least this film made its $$ back for Lionsgate. Will someone please tell Jessica Alba that she can not act! Her acting was horrible in this film.

16. Drillbit Taylor

To this day, I have no idea why Owen Wilson even agreed to make this film. I have usually laughed at the majority of his films. Sad to say, that was not the case with this film. The one trick pony bodyguard story became stale and old very fast in this film. The film seemed rushed and not really well thought out. A huge error for Owen Wilson.

15. Semi Pro

I have no idea what Will Ferrell was thinking about when he agreed to this film. Was the film supposed to be funny or a look back at the 196-70'S ABA (the American Basketball Association). What ever his idea and goal was for this film, it fails and by the end I was wanting the film to be over so I could try and see a really funny film, because this one sure did not make me laugh.

14. Step Brothers

Lets just say that Will Ferrell and me did not have a good year together. I saw this film a few weeks ago and I was told that this film was funny. I have no idea what my friend found funny about this film but, to me, it wasn't funny nor worth ever seeing again. I thought Will was supposed to be funny.

13. Get Smart

I was so disappointed in this film. I had grown up seeing this show in syndication since I was a child and loved Don Adams take as Agent 86. I had a bad feeling about this film and after it was over they were all confirmed. They had taken what i loved about the TV show and made it into a mess. What is even worse, is that, they are talking about making a part 2 to this film.

12. Australia

As I stated in my review of this film...When is an epic not an epic? When the film is “Australia” For the last few years, I have been following the stories about this film (The Australian “Gone with the Wind”, Russell Crowe pulls out of film, film was ordered a new ending re-shoot by 20th Century Fox, the film tested horribly, and many other rumors.) with all of the above information going on all around this film, my only thought was “Train Wreck” and after seeing the film, my guess was right, this film was horrible. I recently rewatched this film and its still a horrible film.

11. The Divine Weapon, or Singijeon

According to this film Korea invented fireworks and a highly functional MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System. I have no idea why the Korean audience seemed to love this film. It was a huge, costly film that I see no market for this film outside Korea.

10. The Love Guru

The Love Guru received the most nominations at the 29th Golden Raspberry Awards with a total of seven, including Worst Picture, Worst Actor and Actress. Harry Knowles of was utterly disgusted with the film, considering it one of the worst films of at least the past several years, and going so far as to declare it a career-killing movie for Myers. I saw this film and immediately hated it and could not figure why anyone would ever agree to act in this film. Please do not rent nor watch this film.

9. In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

I am also at the point that if I see that a film is directed by Uwe Boll, I will pass on watching it. This film made barely $10 million worldwide at the box office on a $60 million budget. He is slowly becoming a worse director that Ed Wood. At least Wood's film were accidentally funny, Doll's films lately, have been a huge mess and deserve to never be seen again.

8. Four Christmases

I had been following this film and when the rumors were starting to fly about the stars (Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon) not getting along and the film was having trouble with sets and many other problems. This film got a bad feeling about it. I still can not believe that this film made $118.6 million in the US Box Office. I could never believe that the couple was actually a couple and that anything I was seeing in this film was funny. It just fails as a holiday film.

7. The Spirit

The only thing I can figure that is that maybe Frank Miller was tired of waiting for Sin City 2 to get made, so he tried to make his own. This film fails so badly. I loved this comment about the film by Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times , "There is not a trace of human emotion in it. To call the characters cardboard is to insult a useful packing material" I thought I was getting a great film. All I got was a film that could not even stand up to cardboard.

6. Miracle at St. Anna

I have no idea what Spike Lee was going for in this film. He was criticizing director Clint Eastwood for not depicting black Marines in his own WWII film, Flags of Our Fathers. Citing historical accuracy, Eastwood responded that his film was specifically about the soldiers who raised the flag on Mount Suribachi at Iwo Jima, pointing out that while black soldiers did fight at Iwo Jima, the U.S. military was segregated during WWII, and none of the men who raised the flag were black. So Spike come out with this fictional film when there are so many untold stories about black soldiers bravery from World War II. The film has become another miss in Spike Lee's career.

5. The Hottie And The Nottie

The film was a major box office disaster. In its opening weekend, the film grossed $27,696 in 111 theaters in the United States, averaging $249 per theater. The Houston Chronicle determined that, based on average ticket prices, this represented an average of 28 people seeing the movie per theater on its opening weekend, or an average of 4 per showing. I had heard that film critic Scott Feinberg reported that a colleague muttered, "Shoot me in the f&*&^%^ face", during a Boston press screening of the film. It is that bad of a film and it only got worse the more that you watched this film. What I could not believe that their were 4 more films in 2008 that were worse that this one.

4. The Happening

This was M. Night Shyamalan first "R" rated film and if this is an indication of his next movie, please go back to "PG". Before the film was released, M. Night Shyamalan had this to say to CNN: "No. 1, it's a B movie. This is the best B movie you will ever see, that's it. That's what this is. If there's other things that stick to your ribs as you walk out, that's great, but it's supposed to be, you know, zombies eating flesh." I was ready for a "B" movie, heck I even like some of them but this was not a "B" film. To me it was a very evil, Al Gore bedtime story.

3. 10,000 BC

The film was historically inaccurate. This film has no real start or finish, nor did this film ever have what I would call a script. The plot and ideas in this film are horrible and copies from many other films. So, to say that I really hated this film would be an understatement. The very wooden script will make you cringe when you listen to it.

2. Meet the Spartans

I have no idea what the directors, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, were aiming for in this film. Most of the film's criticism consisted of not having any actual jokes and instead having an over-reliance on today's pop culture. It just to the point I said "OK, I get it move on." I have no idea why these directors are popular but after this film, please try something, heck, anything else. Believe it or not they actually made another film in 2008 and that film is my #1 Worst film of 2008.

1. Disaster Movie

I told myself that I was not going to watch all of this film but as the film continued, it just got worse and worse. The film was like a huge train wreck that I did not want to see but I could not take my eyes off of it. Once again way too many of today's pop culture and not enough jokes or any idea of a movie is what destroyed the film and the ending of this film actually made me sick by its' sheer stupidity. I could not believe that they actually copied the ending of this pathetic film. This film richly deserves my title of, "The Worst Film of 2008."

Now for the top 25 Surprises of 2008.

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