Sunday, January 04, 2009

Michael White's mother sues.

An update to one of the most outrageous news items of 2008.
An American mother sued the Korean government Friday for 450 million won in compensation over her son's alleged drowning in a sauna in a southern city. The bereaved mother claimed that Korean paramedic management was poor and the legal system prevents people from helping others in emergency situations.

According to the Daegu District Court, Stephannie White, 41, has filed a compensation suit against the central government and local South Gyeongsang Provincial government for having ``let her son die due to poor emergency measures.''

The accident took place on May 10 last year, when White and her 14-year-old son Michael visited the Royal Hawaii Sauna in Gyeongsang, near Daegu. He was found unconscious in a pool soon after arriving. Emergency staff rushed him to a nearby hospital and tried to resuscitate him via cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but the boy was declared dead a few minutes later.

Best of luck to Ms. White, who deserves credit for continuing to pursue the matter. However, I would be very surprised if anything came of this.

You can read more about Michael and this story on the website his mother created, Mightie Mike. Give a listen to the two podcasts done with Seoul Podcast, too, here and here, or give the transcripts a read (a few choice excerpts here). They'll leave you speechless. And really really mad.

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Stephannie said...

Thank you all for your comments (even the not so nice ones)… keeping the case in discussion is one way of raising awareness of the issues involved.

There is now a forum page on the MightieMike website. It’s an attempt to consolidate the various topics and discussion threads into one location (or at least mostly at one place)

It was just uploaded last night, so it may take a bit for things to get rolling with folks making comments… or maybe not.

Thank you again and I sincerely hope to turn this tragic situation into one of positive growth.