Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now for the top 25 films that I call, "What the Frack?" These are 25 films that had some serious problems or were just bad films.

#1. My Sassy Girl (2008)

A failed remake on every level. I still have no idea who thought that this would be a good film.

2. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

If you are a fan of "South Park", you know their feelings about this movie. I still have no idea why aliens were included in an Indiana Jones film.

3. Hancock

I really could not believe that Will Smith had taken his acting to an all-time new low with this film. I absolutely hated the idea, plot, actors and the director of this turd. i still can not believe that they are thinking of making a part #2 to this.

4. Bangkok Dangerous

They took an Asian film that I liked, and remade it into this. The original film's main character is a deaf-mute hitman whose disability makes him a fearless, unflinching gunman. In this film we get Hitman Joe (Nicolas Cage) who with every word he speaks, destroys this film. A huge disappointment for Cage.

5. Truck 트럭 (Teu-reok)

A Korean horror film that i thought had some real promise. In the first half of the film. It was actually a good film. The film collapses when it tries to tie all of parts together. After that the film is full of cliches and you see every turn coming. By the end of the film, I knew the exact ending and was not surprised at all.

6. A Tale of Legendary Libido 가루지기 Ga-roo-ji-gi

Well imagine Joseon-era style mixed in with Austin Powers. I knew that this story was based on Byeon Gang-soe Tale", theatrical songs. I have no idea why this film was made but just seeing Bong Tae-gyu trying to play Powers made this film become a huge bomb when it was released in May 2008.

7. Pineapple Express

This had a low cost and made a decent profit but all this film was a long pot joke and lacked any real humor. I loved the Cheech and Chong films from the past and I thought that this film was a very bad imitation.

8. Rambo

I was really looking forward to this film. After the last "Rocky" film, I thought that he would make a great Rambo film because of that. i could not believe what a piece of junk this film was. It lacked any real plot and just showed a grumpy, old Rambo trying to kill more bad guys and save a beautiful girl.

9. My Best Friend's Girl

When a romantic comedy doesn't make you laugh nor do you care about anyone in the film, this is the result. I kept watching this film, hoping that something would happen that you make me care about this film, the only thing I liked about this film was the ending.

10. Eagle Eye

I really enjoy a good story. I like a thriller to be at least believable. Sad to say, this film was not that. I agree with James Berardinelli of ReelViews gave the film one and a half stars out of four, saying: "This movie tests the viewing public's tolerance for enduring crass stupidity when the payoff is a series of repetitive, ADD-infected chase scenes. Yes, the film is that bad.

11. Saw 5

Isn't Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) dead in this series and they are still making more films with this character. What is even worse, is that there will be a part 6 of this series will be released in October 2009.

12. The Duchess

I saw the previews and went, OK. I saw the film and went, "Are you actually kidding me?" Once again, if romance plays a part in a movie, the audience has to care about it. This film was just one huge bore that never needs to be seen again.

13. Swing Vote

So one mans vote will determine the Presidency of the USA. This man is Kevin Costner. I have liked a few of his films in the past, sad to say this film was not one of them. Some critics have stated that this is worth a DVD rental. This film is not even worth the bandwidth it would take to download the film.

14. The Midnight Meat Train

I had never heard of a film opening up at the Dollar Theaters before this one. After i saw the film, I thought that the Dollar Film was too high of a chain for this film to be see at. The film was horrible and a huge disappointment to horror fans.

15, Fool's Gold

Rolling Stone magazine stated that no other comedy could be as stupid, slack and sexless" as Fool's Gold. The film was a major insult to anyone who watched it. Why is Hollywood insisting on making Kate Hudson a credible actress? This film is another long list of films that clearly show that she can not act.

16. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Eric Snider of states, "Remember how people talked about the Star Wars prequels like they were the worst movies ever made, when really, come on, they weren't THAT bad? The Clone Wars actually IS that bad." This is the first Star Wars film that I actually hated. I saw no real reason for this film. Any SW geek knows who won this war and its aftermath. What a huge waste of work this film was.

17. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

In a bad attempt to capture the magic of the first film, we are given this junk. I could not believe that this was #2 film when it clearly copied the 4th book in the series. I could not believe that they actually thought that this film was going to be great.

18. Made Of Honor

This is suck a chick flick that I really hated this film. It made me want to never have any female friends at all if they are all like the girls shown in the film. What a huge insult this film was to men.

19. The Accidental Husband

Well this film was an accident all right. one huge mess that should have never been made. I just never could see this love story working. It was a plot that sounded like a bad TV movie of the week.

20. Mirrors

This film was a remake of the 2003 South Korean horror film Into the Mirror. Once again the Americans took a Korean film and totally destroyed it. The film was supposed to be a horror film, I took the film as "Jack Bauer on Acid." The film was just horrible and never deserves to be seen again.

21. Delgo

The $40,000,000 film was a notorious failure at the box office, grossing just $511,920 on 2,160 screens in its opening weekend. It currently holds the record for lowest wide release opening earnings ever. Yes, the film is that bad and the copy I saw of it was just awful. Please pass on this film at all cost.

22. 21

This was supposed to be a good film about card sharks from MIT taking on Las Vegas with the game of 21, ended up being a huge bore. This film just was not that interesting and by the end of this film, I wanted everyone to go to jail for me watching this film and wasting my time with it.

23. Vantage Point

In what was supposed to be an updated version of Rashomon ended up being a huge joke that dare to try and be a classic. I had most of the film figured out and when the "twist" happened I wasn't even surprised by it.

24. Role Models

I was really looking towards this film. I really thought that this was going to be a great film. I could not believe how disappointed I was by this film. This should have been funny. This should have been a great film, I saw all of the potential of a great film. It just never worked for me.

25. Fly Me to The Moon

As one critic said, "The animation is so stiff it makes South Park look like Walt Disney's Fantasia." I could not agree more. It was a huge mess that had some good intentions but failed miserably. I could not believe that Paramount Pictures sent the film as their entry for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards. It was just too much for this film.

Well this is a look at the 2008 films that I saw this year. I watched some great ones and I saw some serious crap this year. Hopefully we can all watch the good films and pass on the bad one.

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