Thursday, January 07, 2010

When I saw that the film "Whip it" was coming to Korea on January 7th, I thought that this film could be a good one. I had no idea that this film was a great one and that this films deserves to be seen during its opening week in Korea.

The plot of the film is very simple and it fits the style that we liked in the film "Juno" from the star of this film, Ellen Page.

We are shown a girl from a small town town in Texas who quite doesn't fit in. She is doing these small town Texas beauty pageants that Bliss Cavendar (Ellen Page) has come to hate. She then finds a new passion that she loves, "Roller Derby". You then see this shy girl turn into "Babe Ruthless" the new rookie of the Austin Roller Derby League.

What I also liked about the film was the rookie directing of Drew Barrymore. The film never insulted the audience and the pace of the film was never too long at anytime during the film.Please see the film and I think that you'll like it

Grade A.

Earl Cavender: I like smart girls. That's why I married your mama. Well, that and I knocked her up.

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