Saturday, September 03, 2011

an open letter to my 2 children.

Dear Claudia and Sean.

On monday 9/5/11, I will have to go over some very serious surgery and to be honest, there is a chance if it goes wrong and fast, that your father will no longer be here on this planet.

Long story short, i have a lot of problems that put together has caused me to be in a place where I am stuck right now. If I do not have the surgery and it is a cancer tumor, then i die. If I ave the surgery and something goes wrong then I could die from that. As of right now, I can not eat, drink or pass gas. I am being kept alive by IV's bu this is only a temporary fix.

if you ever get back on facebook, you will see on my page that yesterday, I did the old McStay traditional, we will fight this!!! Me, your grandfather and great grand parents all decided when to fight when we faced this type of health problem.

I have really missed the 2 of you a lot. I miss seeing you 2 grow up and becoming adults. This is the biggest regret of my life, not being there for you 2 24/7.

I saw Claudia that you played AAU basketball and that your team went 8-4. Well done my daughter and Sean How are you doing? What sports, if any, do you play?

I so miss you 2 right now and I have no way to call or contact you so one day I do hope that you find this note to you 2 online.

Just please remember, I am your father and I will always love the 2 of you.

I have asked that my korean pension $ go to Grandma Claudia. Under Korean law it goes to you 2 but since I have no idea how to contact you 2, I have written the $ to grandma in my will. Please dont be mad at me or her. I did not make this decision lightly.

Please take care my kids and if I dont you see you on this side, I will see you on the other side.

Love you both very much.

Signed Dad (Flynn Michael McStay)

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