Thursday, September 08, 2011

well, that sure didnt go as I hoped it woud.

well as the majority of you know, i have a last shot surgery to try and fix all of my problems. I also told you that this surgery could  go wrong and if it did then it was game over.

Well long story short, in the last 7 weeks the cancer attacked me and attacked me in a very bad way. I have too many tumors and they feel that they cant do anymore surgery and chemo will kill me asap. So the dr said maybe 1 year left.

ok, now that is out of the way, just like i told the people who were here, when i got the news. Pity party over, lets talk about beer and girls!

the goal is to try and get me healthy enough so  i can go home and soon meet God.

I dont know yet if that will happen but thats the goal. I am not really angry about this, i just got a bad break and I have to deal with it 

some of you know this and have given me your love and support, there are no words to describe how this has made me. all I can ask is that everyone keep praying 4 me and please keep raising money because my woosong salary stops next week.

hopefully its painless and it wont hurt too much. please remember faith hope and love are some of the gifts that God gave us but the greatest is Love!

will update in a few days.

i will miss you all.


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