Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well i Have been back now in the USA for 1 week and it has been very weird.

I must first thank everyone involved in the last fundraiser @ the Yellow Taxi. I have no words to thank all of you all who helped, gave their time, various lessons and other things that helped me feel a lot of love.

There were A few tears and sad faces at this party and please everyone, I AIN'T DEAD YET!!!

on my facebook, you'll see photos of that night. I thought that the live band was awesome, they played g-n-r and Kashimar by Zeppelin and I loved it. I danced to "Turning Japanese and I just loved it.

It was sad to say goodbye to a lot of good people but please remember, I will see you again..either this side or the other.

Well the next day was Sunday and it was time to say goodbye to my church and that was sad. I actually sang for the first time for the church. I stated that US vets have used this song for funerals and a belief that God will forgive all sins that soldiers have done for king and country. I then sang Amazing Grace. They seemed to like it and after church I said goodbye and went back home to finish packing and breaking down my computer and gave away my TV.

It was sad because my i knew that my time in Korea was coming to an end. On Monday night I went to the Millieaum Cinema near Daejeon Station and saw the hot Korean film and made it my last film review for awhile.

Then it was Tuesday and my friend Thomas helped me get my bags to the Daejeon Train station and to Incheon Airport. I did allow myself one luxury. I cashed out my ktx point card and got a first class ticket to Seoul Station for 10,000 won. It was a great train ride. But I felt very sad that it was time to leave Daejeon and Woosong University.

We waited a few moments for my friend Bryan to arrive at Seoul Station and then we caught the express train from Seoul Station to Incheon Airport. I ink that I convinced Bryan and Thomas that this is a great way to travel to the airport. It cost 13,800 from Seoul to Incheon and took 45 minutes. We all really enjoyed the trip.

When we exited the train we soon found the Korail cart and they transported us and our bags to the airport at no extra cost. I was feeling so spoiled after first class, express and this. I then checked in for stand by and we then went to eat and McDonalds. About 1.5 hours later I received my ticket and said goodbye to Thomas and Bryan.

I then hit the duty free store and went to take the express subway to my gate for the airplane ride. While I was waiting I sent a text to a lot of people and I said.

"See you at the crossroads on this side or the other side." I received a few goodbye and good lucks. I boarded the plane at 1650 and got a great seat.

I watched Cars 2 and a film from Japan about a Star watching dog. It was a nice flight, a few minutes of sleep and then we hit sfo @ 1100 pdt and I had 2 hours to get through customs, recheck the bags and try and make it to the next flight. All went well I did rush it but I made it and we left about 1 hour late but we left and in 3 hours, I had arrived back in DFW and I knew that I was home.

over the next few days, I have done all of the pre paperwork for ssi, va, 2nd opinion and other things. Now I have to hurry up and wait and maybe appeal.

I am glad to be home but I wish it wasn't under these conditions. If I was cancer free, this was going to be my last year of teaching. Now I wish that I was teaching. I hate not being able to work. It been nice to see my family this week and hopefully soon start to see some friends of mine.

I am church shopping right now and when I have made my choice I will pass it on.

I am doing ok but wish that I didn't have the cancer but I will look at what the new doctor want to do and just do it.

More news soon............Mike

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