Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Well another update from my battle against cancer.

I have started to take a chemo pill called Xeloda. The US doctor found me a foundation that will pay for this cancer meds. Its about 4,000 cost per 2 week treatment. So far no side effects and after my last chemo debacle, this is nice.

Well a few more things to add. I am on food stamps now for 200.00 per month and it looks like for now 400+ a month for disability and still waiting for the ssi to kick in. I also have a VA appointment set for 22nd of November, I will see what they can do for the fight against cancer. my next dr appointment is set for the 18th.

Now ssi have covered me for medicare, so that is a huge help. I have to wait on the card to arrive in the mail and then go and take care of all of the medical bills so far in the USA.

I have really enjoyed talking with my family and seeing a few old acquaintances.

I helped pass out some candy on Halloween night at my brothers house and I had a great time doing it. This year I didn't scare anyone.

so far all is ok and I am feeling ok. I am still not used to the colonoscopy bag but hopefully it will get better after time.

take care and I really miss working in South Korea.


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