Monday, March 12, 2012

Cancer update

Well it has been a few months since I have given an update and now it is time for one.

On March 27th I will have a pet-scan to take a closer look at the cancer. With all of the cat-scans that I took in Korea, there never was a good look at the cancer. So this will be about a 1 hour scan that will be able to tell how far the cancer has advanced. When I know what is going on I will let everyone know asap.

I have found a nice little church here in Texas but I must be honest I still miss the Church in Daejeon that helped me out a lot my last few months in Korea.

I have learned that the cancer pills that I took in Korea have great results with Asian bodies but with the Western anatomy the pills just don’t seem to work. SO if anyone else in Korea has the cancer please take the chemo if you’re a westerner. IF your child is a western/Asian combination and they have cancer, there are no studies on which is the best cancer drug.

Now I am taking a drug called Xeloda, it is a chemo pill that doesn’t have the side effect that the chemo had on me at Eulji Hospital. So far I haven’t had any bad reactions to the medicine.

I was able to get me a 1994 Black El Dorado Caddy car for my drive to doctor appointments and I love the car. It is real comfortable and I was able to get a nice little HD radio for the car and to hear AM stations sound like an FM station is just weird.

I have to resubmit the disability paperwork to SSN on the 15th. The reason it was turned down the first time was that I didn’t have any income in the USA from 2005-2011. So I found out that I needed the actual Korean Income Tax paperwork and since Woosong had mine from 2006-2011, this should hopefully take care of this problem. I will keep you up with this as it progresses.

To be honest right now I am stuck, I am getting 456.00 a month for partial ssn and 104 a month in food stamps and I am on Medicare right now but if I get a job It can only be part time because if I make too much $$ then I lose it all. I really hate this cancer and the fact that right now I cannot work. I am so used to always working and now that I can’t it is kind of weird.

Now I was able to get 4 tickets to the Texas Ranger games this season and I will so miss the HANWHA baseball crew that I saw so many games with in the past. April 25th vs YANKEES (I know big surprise) MAY 26th vs Toronto (Will miss my Canadian friends so much during this game) Aug 10th vs Detroit (To see the Prince) and Sunday the 30th of September LA Angels (Playoffs maybe?)

It was weird not to be at Woosong getting ready for the Spring semester but sometimes life just throws you a curve.

I once again want to thank everyone who helped out and gave their time and talents for my goodbye party at the Yellow Taxi. Whenever I still think of that night it always brings a smile to my face.

Take care everyone and more details to follow.. Mike

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Dan said...

Thanks for the update, Mike. Keep your head up and enjoy those Rangers games. I'm sure you look good in your Caddy!