Monday, March 12, 2012

Movie Review: Red River

Now I know what a lot of people are looking at this one. Why is Mike doing a film review of a movie that came out in 1948. Well the reason is something that I am noticing that might be a small trend here back in the USA and might soon come to Korea.

What happened here in my hometown of Denison Texas is that the 1 screen Rialto has reopened and is showing classic films from the past along with plays and small concerts. The day I went to the movies was the day that they were showing “Red River”

Now what is not well known outside of Denison is that this film had its world premier here in Denison back in 1948, so it was a nice little tip to the past that this film would be one of the first ones to be shown at the reopened “Rialto Theater”
I must admit that I had never seen this film on the big screen and I knew that I had to take the chance to see this film on the big screen and after it was over, I could understand why seeing John Wayne on a big screen is so much better than seeing him on a small TV Screen.

I recalled from the past when I went to the Daejeon Art Cinema and finally saw “Singing in the Rain” on the big screen. I had never understood why Fred’s dancing in the rain was revered as a classic moment on film, I finally understood it when I saw that screen on the big screen, and it just so much worked better on the movie screen than it ever did on the TV.

I have no idea if any small theater in Korea will show classic films from Korea’s past or classic films at all. Occasionally the DAC will show classic films from the past and I think that they need to be viewed on the big screen so we can see it as it was truly meant to be shown.

If you have the chance and the DAC or any cinema in the world is showing the classic films then we all should watch and remember why we liked the movies in the first place.

Grade A+

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