Monday, March 12, 2012

The Lorax
I went and saw this film in the 3-D format and was happy that I spent my time with this film. I really was not expecting a lot in this film but it was a nice little film that will make a few people upset with the slight anti-business vibe within this film.

The idea of this film is simple, there is a town made of plastic and no one remembers why there are no longer any more trees in their world. We are given a teen love story and we see the boy in love trying to save the day.
The film will be a great film for families and also for a one time showing but that all this film was, just a good film and not a great one. The film just fails to attempt to take the next step for it to become a classic. The film plays it safe with no real new ideals given to the audience.

You will like to see the film but I really can see any real reason for more than 1 viewing of this film.

Grade: B-

Project X

Once again we are shown a film that was supposedly based on ”Found Footage” and this time it was based on a party in California that soon becomes the party the high school and college students claim to be “Legendary”

When I read that Todd Phillips (The Hangover) was a producer of this film, I thought that this could be a teen version of “The Hangover” What we were shown were 3 teens and 1 cameraman trying to capture a teen birthday party from the simple idea to the cops and SWAT being unleashed to end this party. With all of the nudity, sex and drugs, I have no idea if this film will ever play in Korea.
The film is worth a look and with a small unknown cast they really made you think that you were actually at this party. Please see this film when you get the chance.

Grade: B

Act of Valor

Now I had no real ideal what to think about this film before going to see it. This film was made with real Navy Seals, and these could be some of the men that actually killed Osama Bin Laden. How in the heck could any former soldier dare try and insult these men? It just wouldn’t be right.

The film also stated that these stories were actually based on Seal’s past missions so this really made want to watch this film and I am glad that I did but the film is only a good film not a great one.

The film action scenes were great but every time the Seals would try to act, it just reminded me of some very bad Ed Wood films of my past and that is why the film just didn’t work for me. When you see the action shots you will believe them but every time they spoke, it felt like a bad chalk experience on a chalkboard.
The film is ok but not great and should be treated as such

Grade: C-

Safe House

Now I had no idea about this film, all I knew about it was that it was Denzel Washington once again acting like the anti-hero and with Ryan Reynolds as the young idealistic agent, this just looked good.
The film takes you on a 2 hr adventure with a few twist that left the audience not seeing that one coming and the longer the film went the more the crowd seemed to enjoy it.

The film ends with maybe a part 2 coming and the audience seemed ok with it. The film is worth at least one viewing for a good night at the films. It could have used a tighter edit in my opinion but the majority of the audience left with smiles on their faces. In the end that is what matters to the film viewer.

Grade: B

The Vow

As I have said many times in the past I really hate it when the film stated that this film is based on a true story. Why can’t they just actually tell the real story instead of making it up as they go?

Well with this film, you are shown a love story between a couple and you see that they have a car accident in which the man is ok but the wife has lost all memory of their time together but what is worse that she still believes that she in engaged to her former lover. The love story just got too unbelievable here and lost the majority of the male audience in this film.

The female audience seemed to really like this part of the story but to me, the longer it went, the more unbelievable the film became. By the end of the film you are told what happened to the real couple that this film was based on. That was the story I wanted to see in this film, not the made up, so called real film that was shown.

Please pass on this film.

Grade: D

This Means War

Well I guess the plot of this film started with a good idea, it would be CIA spy Vs CIA Spy over the love of a girl who is dating the both of them at the same time. I guess that is where the film should have stopped and never been made.
For a love story to work you must care about the couple but this triangle I kept cheering for the bad men to kill this girl and to end this bad idea of a film. When this happens, you know that you are watching a bad film.

This had 2 good male actors but the female lead, Renee Witherspoon, just never made me feel any compassion for her. I thought that it was just me but after the film had ended, I overhead a few females state that they hated her in this film.
Please pass on this film.

Grade: D

Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds

Now I have no idea if this film will ever play in Korea. As you Know Tyler Perry has made a few films with his alter-ego Madea and those films have made Perry into a US Star. I really had no idea what to think about this film but after watching it, he should stick with Madea and not anymore films like this one.

This film should have been a good one but instead it just felt flat and I still have no idea why this film should have been a huge hit has became a mild disappointment. It just left the majority of the audience; I saw the film with just leaves and wonder why they didn’t like this film either.

Please pass on this film

Grade: D

John Carter

Now this film has had many times tried to be made in the past and there have been many reasons why this film never came together, but after watching this mess of a film, I wish that they hadn’t made this film.

The majority of this film was shot using a lot of special effects and that is one of the main reasons I soon hated this film. None of it ever seemed real to me and I just kept waiting for this film to try and come together but this film just never did.

It was the acting, the script, the special effects, the plot and many other things went wrong with this film so much that by the end of the film, I couldn’t believe that they are trying to make this into a series. It just fails on every level and the 3D extra for this film just made it look worse. It was that bad of a film that I hope no one will waste their time or Won on this film. Please pass at all cost.

Grade: F

A Thousand Words

Now for the first half of this film it really seemed like this film was going to be another sad attempt by Eddie Murphy to try and recapture his former glory and when I learned that this film hadn’t been screed by the critics, I was ready to writer up a very bad review of the film after watching the first half of the film.

Then something happened, the film did a slight turn and then the film slowly stared to get better and then by the end it had turned from a bad film into a good film. I really could not believe that Murphy had delivered this great of an acting job.
The idea was very bad I thought as first, a man had a tree attached to him and with each word he spoke a leaf would fall from the tree until there would be no more leaves and then Murphy would die after all of the leaves had fallen from the tree. It was when the tree was down to its last leaves that he said the most by speaking such few words. I have no idea why it worked but it did and after the film was over I could not believe that the film was this good.

For the first half of the film, I really hated the film but after that I really loved the film and that is why I give this film a B grade. Please see it if it plays in Korea

Grade: B

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