Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Movie Reviews: Think like a Man, The Avengers and Dark Shadows

Think like a Man: Act Like a Lady

The first film to be reviewed was from a Steve Harvey book by the same title. With this film we are introduced to a group of male friends and see why they haven’t committed to any lady and the girls are wondering why. The girls are then introduced to this book and then they try and get the upper hand in their relationships and then the film begins.

The film is definitely a romantic comedy with Kevin Hart being the lynch pin that ties all of the male characters together along with the needed comedy relief. But that was the main problem of this film also, he was in parts of this film that never really made sense and sometimes when he is trying to be funny he takes over the scenes and the audience can lose the love story idea of this film.

The film never really offers anything new and sad to say by the end of this film, I kept looking at my watch to see when it would be time for this film to be over. I guess the idea of the film was ok but by the end of the film, I wanted never to see anymore of these characters in this film or a possible sequel to this film. Please give this film a pass and do not see it at the local cinema.

Grade D

The Avengers.

Captain America giving an order to the Hulk..”Hulk:Smash” and the audience goes into wild applause mode.

This was the first summer blockbuster attempt of the summer of 2012 and it proves that Marvel Studios had an idea of what they were trying to do with this franchise because the audience was really into this film when I went to watch it.

The idea of this film was a rather simple one, the villain, Loki” from the Thor movie has returned to the planet Earth to try take over the planet and please play close attention to his “Freedom” speech in Germany. The audience loved what happened next to him. Then an Army of super heroes are called to duty to try and stop the forces of evil against the planet Earth.

What was really surprising to me was the fact that the Hulk seemed to have the best lines or quotes of the film, There was a scene of the film where the Hulk has an, “I’m Rick James Bitch, Moment in the film and if you’re a fan of the Dave Chappelle show then the moment will be very clear to you. When this happened in the film, the audience started to cheer and applaud very loudly. If you are looking for a great start to the summer films then please see this film in the IMAX format because the audience really preferred it in this way. The film is definitely worth at least one viewing. Please see it when you can.

Please remember that there is an extra scene 1.5 minutes into the credits that you’ll love if you’re a fan of the comic book

Grade B+

Dark Shadows

I had this film in the top 10 films to see this summer and this was the hardest one to decide where to put on this list because of the back story of this film.

For those who do not know anything about this film, it is based off of a 1966-71 American Soap Opera that was shown on American Television channel ABC. It was a story about a vampire and was and still is a very different idea for a daily Soap Opera.

When I went to the movies to do my review of this film, I was surprised that the majority of the audience were people that had seen the show back when it was on TV. After the film was over I asked a few of them what they thought about it and they liked it for the following reasons. A few people told me that they loved the TV show and that this film had brought back great memories of it from their childhood.

One lady wondered why a character from the show wasn’t in the movie and her daughter liked the film but couldn’t believe that her mother and her aunt used to run home from school to watch this TV show. The film has the usual quirkiness of a Tim Burton-Johnny Depp film and this might hurt the film to a few people.

I vaguely remember it being on TV and I was too young to have any idea about the show. If you are a fan of Depp or Burton then I think that you might like this film, if you loved the TV show then you should go and see the film and make the decision yourself whether or not you like the film. As for me, I have seen the film once and that is enough for me and there were no added scenes at the end of this film so once the credits roll it’s safe to leave the film.

The film was really hurt by a bad cut of this film and it just never really worked for me because I never really cared what happened to anyone in this film nor would I want to see an implied part 2 to this film.

Grade C-

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