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Movie Reviews: Snow White and the Huntsman, Prometheus, Madagascar 3

Movie Reviews: Snow White and the Huntsman, Prometheus, Madagascar 3

Snow White and the Huntsman

I really wasn’t sure what to think about this film when I first saw the preview. The only thing that I knew about it was that this was the one film that my daughter wanted to see this year. I was wondering, could this be the film that launches the post-Twilight career of Kristen Stewart.

After I watched the film, I still am not sure of her as an actress. The idea of this film is very simple, it a twist of the classic “Snow White” story but this time we are given a broken huntsman, who regrets that he let his wife die. The story of the evil Queen, the dwarves and Snow White are still included in this film but by the end of the film, it was as if Snow White meets The Lord of the Rings.

We are given epic film shots and we are told that this is an epic story of love and revenge but in the end it just left me flat. The film never really has an even pace and, at times, it seemed more like a greatest hits of past Snow White films and this film really offered anything new or any real reason to go see this new adaptation of this film.

Please pass on this one.

Grade: D+


For the early reviews of this film there seems to be 2 ideas of this film. One idea states that this is a great film that you will enjoy a lot. The 2nd idea of this film is that the background shots of this film are a perfect way to show how great 3D can be at the theaters, but the film itself is very empty. After watching this film, I found myself agreeing with the people that really didn’t like this film.

The idea of this film really sounded interesting to me. What if they did a prequel of the “Alien “series with one of the original directors, Ridley Scott to add a new twist on this 1980’s classic. The previews looked good and I really wanted to like this film. So after the film was over. It just felt like it was a great eye candy in 3D but the plot and its execution just left me flat.

For everything that new could be imagined, there really wasn’t that much new shown or any new ideas of how man maybe came to be. It just seemed like it was a bad TV movie script with 100 million $ going to the background of the film. I really wasn’t suspired by anything in this film and I knew who and how anyone could of and did die in this film.

 If I could see this coming why should anyone really want to waste their money by watching this film? I think that you should go out and see this film and see what camp you will fall into. As for this reviewer, I will pass on any future showings of this film

Grade: C-

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

I did something for this film that I rarely do, I went and saw this kid’s film with a bunch of children and their parents in the audience. I really wanted to see this film but I also wanted to see what the target audience of this film and their families thought of this film.

  I just really wanted to see a film through another set of eyes and why they either liked it or hated it. Now the film does take a few shots at the French and the Canadians and the kids really loved Sasha Barren Cohens character King Julien, every time he was in the film.

The audience I saw the film with really liked the Seal, voiced by Martian Short. When it came time for the Zebra polka dot dance, the kids really loved it. The audience I saw it with loved the fact that the film was in 3D and that the Circus scenes were excellent for the kids in 3D.

After the film was over, I listed to a lot of the kids talking to their friends and they all had smiled on their faces after the film was over, they loved it and the majority of the kids wanted to see it a few more times in 3D

For the kid in me and the adult that watched the film, it could have been a better film but it was a good film and if this is the last film of this series, then it ends on a good note. If they decide to have a part 4 and I can go see it, then I will Please go see this film with your kids or for the kid that still lives inside you.

Grade B+

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John from Daejeon said...

After watching the cesspool that is/was "Prometheus," I now find myself wishing that Scott was not re-imagining "Blade Runner" next. I will never forget the iconic scenes in "Alien" and "Aliens," but all I will remember about "Prometheus" is that I was robbed of 4,000 won.

Had I been back in the states, I probably would have asked for my money back. The film was so poorly written that I felt absolutely no suspense at all. And for so many great actors to be nothing more than window dressing was also quite a letdown.

Plus, the prospect of a sequel when the sole survivor has no food, water, or air for the years’ long voyage really had me scratching my head. And just how did she put Data, oops…I mean David, back together again? I seriously doubt that she had the tools and know-how to not only reassemble the android, but to also reprogram him so that he didn’t fulfill his original Weyland programming and re-impregnate her by retrieving some of his deceased father’s seed and mixing it with some of that “alien” DNA which should be quite simple in the future after all.