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Movie Review: Seeking a Friend For The End of The World, Brave, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Piranha 3DD.

Movie Review: Seeking a Friend For The End of The World, Brave, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Piranha 3DD.

Seeking a Friend For The End of The World
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It has been said in the past that we all must die. But how many of us can say that we have truly lived?

As I was watching this film, this idea kept coming into my mind. For those who do not know the idea behind this film, it is simple: What if a huge meteor was going to strike the Earth in 3 weeks, and kill everyone on this planet? What would you do and how would you spend those last 3 weeks?

The idea of this film is that we see a man whose wife has left him and he is now alone for these 3 weeks. He meets this younger lady, who is as lost as he is and they decide to help him find a lost love from his past. The film takes a look at the people that they interact with during this time and they try to make scenes of the world that is slowly collapsing around them.

I must admit that the idea of this film just sounded different and that it was worth a viewing at the movie and after it was over, I was glad that I went to see it.

In the film, they show you the riots, the interstructure collapsing, and the world wafting for the other shoe to drop. The films take a look at what is going around these people but doesn’t dumb it down enough to insult you as you’re watching this film.

The film ends like you think it might. If this is the way the world ended for these 2, then they did all right.

Grade: B


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Now with this new Pixar film, I was curious about the idea of this film.

It shows how a daughter must grow up and become a Queen to her people. The idea of this one is that she really isn’t like her mother but more like her father, a warrior King. His is also the other idea of this film, the differences between a mom and a daughter, who both loves each other but weren’t exactly sure how to say it to each other.

This film could really be a mother/daughter film for those of all ages and they can see how the other one thinks and why they think this way.

As with all cartoon films, when the twist happens in this one it forces both the mom and daughter to work together to try and solve their problems that now face them.

The film will appeal more to the ladies then to the man but do not be afraid to take children to see this film. The kids in the audience I saw this with were smiling and laughing throughout the film.

It is a good film but not a great one and at times I really thought this film could have used a tighter edit. It is worth at least seeing it once at the movies.

Grade: B

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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I knew that I should have not and gone to see this movie. I just had the feeling that it was going to be a bad film and sad to say, I was right.

I had heard of the book that this film was based on and it just never seemed to work for me. The 16th President of the USA was a part time vampire hunter. The idea just started off bad and the film just kept getting worse and worse as it went along.

The film does tie in Abe with actually historical people to try and give it some type of a realistic story. But to see that the Battle of Gettysburg was almost lost due to vampires joining the Confederate States of America’s Army was just too much. After the film was over, I heard an USA teenager tell her friends that this was a true historical film.

If you like killing vampire movies, then you might like this one. Foe everyone else, Please do not see this film.

Grade: D

Piranha 3DD.


I had heard that they were making a part 2 of the recent cult film Piranha and that it would be once again in 3D.

But this time it was different because it was getting a very small release in the USA and it was going straight to PPV TV here in the USA. I knew that this film wasn’t going to be great, but at least the first one was cheesy fun to watch. The 2nd one wasn’t even that fun to watch, it was just bad acting on top of more bad acting without anything making sure that we did not care about this film nor anyone associated with it.

The film just kept getting worse and worse and by the time it was over, I was cheering for the Piranha to kill everyone in this film, so it would be over.

I have no idea if this film will ever play in South Korea, but if it does, DON’T WATCH IT! It is that bad of a film.

Grade: F

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John from Daejeon said...

You most definitely need to "swing" in and see the latest (and most like the actual comic) version of "The Amazing Spider-Man."

I wasn't entirely sold on the idea (and odd casting choices), but it works so well (after a bit of a slow start) that I actually thought that I was an eleven year-old reading my fist Spider-Man comic book for the first time again. Plus, the chemistry between the leads is so believable that you can understand how they fell for each other in real life.

Now, I can't even fully believe that I'm actually going to do this, but for the first time in my life, I am going to pay to see a movie in the theater at least twice.

Maybe there is some hope for "Total Recall" after all.