Friday, March 23, 2007

My Friend is a rock star.

Last week, my friend, Bryan, from Purdue University, came to Korea and spent a week with me.

Well as you can see from the above photo, he did like soju.

He ate at some of the Korea easting establishments, i took him to a few of the bars here in Daejeon.

One day he walked around the town, and he liked what he saw.

I took him to Osan AB and he got a custom fit Soccer shirt.

I took him to a few of my classes and the students just loved him. I told them that he is a senior and they could relate to him. It was a nice experience for my students and him both.

We also went a saw a Korea film, he liked it. At first they could not believe that we wanted to see a Korean film and they wanted to sell us tickets to "300".

We saw a Korean film called "Big Bang."

We both found it interesting that when we laughed the audience did not, when they laughed we didn't.

I also got him a few VCD's while he was here. They were on sale, cheap, and i bought him 8 vcd's with allot of Korean films.

He also tried Thai food, the Korea Outback, a small Korea dinner near Woosong.

He did like Korea and I am so glad that my friend got to spend a few days here in Korea.

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