Friday, March 23, 2007

Well, we finally went to Hooters and we had a great time.

Its in Apejeon (Orange Line) exit 4.

Well last Saturday Me, Dan and Greer. Went to the IMAX in Yongsan. We saw "300". I was really surprised that this was going to be the first film that they had sen in Imax. Man did I pick a first film for them to see.

We went to Yongsan by KTX via SeoDaejeon station. I so do like the KTX. We went to the electronics market and I got a new all region DVD player. We got dan some cables for his ps2 and we looked around for awhile.

Then it was 300 time.

They love the IMAX film and now they understand why I love the IMAX. We are talking about going back on May 12th for my birthday party. Chilli's first, then Imax or baseball game, then we close out the night at Hooters. I might stay the night at the country western bar in Itewon. My birthday is on a Monday, this year. So we will celebrate it on a weekend.

Then we went and had to look for Hooters, I was given the wrong directions, so it took us awhile.

Man it was so worth it.

It was a great place and the food was nice and they sold Coors light. WE TOOK ALLOT OF PICTURES. The music was 60's and 70's so I knew all of them, it was nice to hear some old songs that I had not heard in a while. It was a nice time to spend St. Pattys day with. I also spent New Years eve and Christmas Eve with my friends Dan and Greer. It was a nice time.

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T & A said...

You guys crack me up! Why doesnt it suprise me that You and DAN went to Hooters! he he he Good to see things haven't changed