Sunday, March 11, 2007

well it was a long trip back to Korea.

It took 36 hours and I had to stay the night at the airport in Korea. Yuck.

I am now starting anew semester and I hope that it will all work out.

I still need to give the people I got gifts for, their gifts. Hopefully I can take care of this all by today.

on Saturday march 17 me, Dan and Greer will go to the Yongsan Imax to see "300". I will not do any previews nor movie downloading for this one. We might also go to the Korean Hooters for lunch. This could be quite an interesting day. I have also told D and G, that, If it can be worked out, I would love to go to New Zealand and see them get married.

My internal clock is till a little messed up, Ive been awake at 1 am or 2 am, hopefully one more good night awake will fix this.

minor changes have been no more drinking for awhile, but the cokes cost more than the beer, go figure.

Baseball season will start next month here in Korea and it looks like another year of me at the baseball games. my long day of work is Monday and they do not play games on Monday.

I have been following the Yankees Preseason and it looks good this year, but we will know the real story in October. I have also been following the Mavericks and I still can not believe what I have seen this season. Looks like allot of basketball playoff downloads.

Congrats to my Nephew, Steve on his wedding. I will email his parents and see if I can get a copy of the video.

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