Friday, February 08, 2008

Now if there is a best of the year, then there must also be some very bad films that were made also.

Now lets look at these so called films.

The worst films of the year list.

#25 Hannibal Rising

In what was supposed to be a great 4th film about Hannibal Lecter ended up being one huge bore and disappointment. This series has never recovered from the horrible movie ending to Hannibal

#24 AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem

Now the cartoons for Alien vs Predator have been awesome. The movies have been awesomely bad. I have no idea why, but both films have failed on so many different levels. The film leaves the door open for a part 3. Why? I have no idea.

#23. I Know Who Killed Me

Lindsay Lohan acting lately has been bad movies and a lot of drama with the media. I have no idea why anyone thought that Lohan could act.

#22 Punch Lady

To be honest, even after watching the film, I still have no idea about the film. What was even sadder about the film was the Korean audience hated just as much as I did.

#21. Balls of Fury

Bad men defeated by ping-pong? I saw it and wanted to know why this was made.

20. Attack on the Pin-Up Boys

Now I have no idea what ticked me off more. Was it the blatant rip-off of the Beastie Boys or was it the very bad acting?

19.The Messengers

I see more dead people and I saw my time wasted by watching this one.

18. Feel the Noise

I felt something after watching this film. Was it the "Noise" no; Was it me becoming sick, Yes.

17. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

There are certain films that a lot of critics like and, for some reason, never clicks with me. This is one of those films. I found it to be a 2.5 hour bore with a lot to do about nothing.

16Perfect Stranger

Once again, we are shown that Hallie Berry can not act. Once again her films dies at the box office. Please: No more movies from Ms. Berry

15.Code Name: The Cleaner

I can remember when Cedric "The Entertainer" could make me laugh, All I remember that this film was not one of those times.

14. Bratz

There has to be a reason for this film, I sure could not think of one. I know that I was not the target audience for this film but ,please, some actual sanity in this film sure would have been nice.

13. A Mighty Heart
My Review

Still not a fan of the film for, my review, reasons.

12. Pathfinder

This film deserves, never to be seen again. No real plot or story, Yes it thats bad and yes, I thought 11 films were worse.

11. Nancy Drew

Well, I was not the target audience of this film. Maybe a good film was here, I sure did not see it.

10. The Show Must Go on

Well if you have ever heard the old song, "Don't believe the hype" It surely applies to this film. All of the talk of this being a good film and we get the same, old, tired, Korean Gangster film. What a huge waste of time.

9. May 18
My Review of May 18

2 of my film reviews have really ticked off a lot of people. This film was the first one. My feelings about this film have not changed since my review.

8. The Reaping
Freedom Writers

Tie. Both films had Hillary Swank and both films failed because of her very bad acting. When she brings it, she wins Oscars. When she does not, we are left with these messes.

7. The Abandoned

A very bad horror film that left me wanting my $ back. What a huge waste of time this one was.

6. Epic Movie

Well is was to be a parody of a lot of film. In the end it was a huge waste of film that brought no laughter. It did make me wonder who gave the "go" for this film. He should be fired.

5. Are We Done Yet?

Is this film series done yet? It keeps getting worse and worse.

4. Lions for Lambs
My Review

A 2 hour lecture and UA wonders why the film tanked? Better luck next time Tom Cruise.

3. The Golden Compass
My Review

This film has really left me puzzled. It has done great in the overseas markets but a huge bomb in the USA market. I really do not an answer for that. Part 2 of this trilogy still has a release date for 2009.

2. Hostel: Part II
My Review

Over the last few months, I have really soured on the new horror, "Torture Porn" I know that it is cartoon but is this all we can consider to make us scared. What happed to us? If this is Horror?

Now along with the "Torture Porn" markings I now announce, "The Flynnie" for the worst film of the year 2007 goes to

1. Captivity
My Review

My review pretty much states my opinion of this piece of junk. Please do not see this film at all cost.

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