Friday, February 01, 2008

Have you ever seen a film, that you had a very bad feeling about? But, you made a promise to someone that you watch the movie and ,in my case, write a movie review about it. Well that was the back story for the Korean movie Radio Days

The film talks about Korea during the occupation by Japan (What I have done here is added a link from Wikipedia, that gives very basic information of what happened during Japan's occupation of Korea.)The film talks about the first radio station in Seoul, and how it was set up to broadcast radio messages for Japanese Propaganda. Well their was a very popular radio program that captured the city of Seoul attention.

The film is a Korean film, so you will see the Koreans displayed as heroes and the Japanese portrayed as idiots and fools. (If this bothers you then please do not see the film.)

The Korean audience seemed to like the film, To me it was the same, tired, regular boring Korean film. Nothing new and every shot was telegraphed. i even made a joke about how the film would end and guess what 10 minutes later, the film ends exactly like I thought it would.

I was hoping for a decent film and in the end, all I received was a cheep wasted effort about one of the worst times in Korean history.

Grade D-

Opened in Korea 30 JAN 2008

How I saw it. CGV.

Plot. Kyoungseong station, the first radio station of Korea established in the 1930s, is given the mission of producing a live serial radio play, “Flames of Love.” Those in charge make an unlikely team: Lloyd, a good-for-nothing producer; Man-cheol, an announcer and Lloyd’s only friend; NOH Bong-al, a writer who never manages to write an ending; K, an independent activist and sound effect technician; Myeong-wol, a former gisaeng; Mari, a jazz singer Mari; and station errand boy Sun-deok. Even amid the ensuing chaos, the play becomes increasingly popular with each passing day. But how will it end up?

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