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With the best surprises of the year, there must also be the most disappointments of the year 2007. I will list the reason why I thought the film was a disappointment.

#25 National Treasure: Book of Secrets

So, let me see if I understand this; One man helps to find 2 of the greatest treasures in the world and this is supposed to make sense? This film was such a joke, it was more like a bad cartoon that an actual film. It deserves never to be seen on DVD.

#24 Hansel and Gretel (Korean)

It was supposed to be an adult version of H and G. In actuality, it was a huge joke that failed on many different levels here in Korea. A bad plot, bad story and box office failure, is what greeted this film during Christmas 2007.

23. The Astronaut Farmer

Well it sure sounded nice. A little farmer who wanted to go into outer space. Well he did and so did our lunch, after watching this film.

22. Because I Said So

When a chick flick fails, this is the result. It was just a pain to watch and a mess of an edit job.

21. Secret Sunshine (Korean)
My Review

I still can not believe this film won at Cannes. It was so telegraphed. My review above still stands on this film.

20. Boku wa imôto ni koi wo suru My Sister, My Love (Europe: English title) (Japan)

The film is based of a Japanese comic book and it was just a bad story with a bad plot attached.

19. Dnevnoy dozor Day Watch (International: English title) (Russia)

As much as I liked Nightwatch, I hated this film. It just left me very flat and not wanting to see #3 next year.

18. Dan in Real Life

i thought that Steve Carell could make me laugh. In this film, he did not. The intentions were good, but in the end, it was a huge let down.

17. 28 Weeks Later

I liked 28 Days Later... . This one just was not as good as the first one and without Danny Boyle, why was #2 even made?

16. The Number 23.

There had to be a reason this film was made. As of this review, I still do not know that reason.

15. The Heartbreak Kid

The film was a remake that should have worked. It had Ben Stiller and "The Farrelly Brothers" In the end it was a mess that will only waste your time if you ever decide to watch this.

14. 3:10 to Yuma

as a huge fan of the original I was very unsure about wanting to see this remade. What a waste of 2 fine actors Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. I still can not believe that critics love this film.

13. Black Snake Moan

I was really looking forward to this. Samuel L. Jackson and Craig Brewer. In the end what I got was a huge disappointment.

12. Shoot 'Em Up

I still have no idea why I liked this film. The reason its on this list because a lot more did not like this film. Its a Popcorn action films that delivers.

11. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
my review

Was this film ever frustrating me. It could have been a great film instead of a so-so film.

10. Desu nôto: The last name Death Note: The Last Name (International: English title) (Japan)

As much as I loved the original I hated part 2. It just left me feeling like a golden opportunity was missed here.

9. We Own the Night

In what should have been a run at the "Oscar for Best Film" ended up a mess with an inane plot and some very bad writing. Really disappointed by this film.

8. D-War
My Review

Of all of the reviews I did this year, this is the one that upset the Korean Netcitizens the most. Some of the replies were priceless. I have heard of D-WAR 2, I am still wondering what we did to deserve that.


I usually love a good story. So after I saw this film, it left me stunned. I still have no idea why a lot of people have put this film in their top 10 list. It brought nothing new to the story of the Zodiac Killer. It was just a rehash, polished up, version of what we already knew.

6. American Gangster
My Review

As I said in the review, I still like the movie. I just thought that it could have been done so much better and maybe actually tried to show fact instead of the legend.

5. The Kingdom

Once again, I was thinking, "OK nice preview, Now I want to see the movie." Once again, I saw every move coming and the ending was a joke.

4. Premonition

I really do like films that make me think. Sad to say, I saw all of the thinking in the trailer. Why was this film made. It was a waste of talent.

#3 Ghost Rider

Now one of my favorite Marvel Comics was made into a movie. I wanted to see this film. It had Sam Elliot, Nicolas Cage, Peter Fonda. It should have worked. In the end it failed. It was a bad script and some very wooden acting that caused this film to fail.

#2 Sunshine

I was so looking forward to this film. Danny Boyle directs a saving the planet film. It should have worked and a lot of critics eyes, it did. To me, it soon became a bad slasher film, set in outer space. When the film was over I was so disappointed. All of the great potential wasted with this badly acted film.

So now I must award, "The Flynnie" to the film that, to me, was the hugest disappointment of the year.

#1. Evan Almighty

Now I have no idea who's brilliant idea it was to do a sequel to A Jim Carrey film without Jim Carrey. The failures of Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd and Son of the Mask and maybe Ace Ventura 3.

I kept hearing that the cost of this film was going to break the 175-200$ million cost. i was thinking, this is going to be a huge bomb. It was a bomb and a huge disappointment for Steve Carell. May Hollywood adopt a new law. "NO Jim Carrey sequels without Jim himself in the film.

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