Sunday, December 14, 2008

Movie Review : Twilight

To be honest, I have not read the book first before I saw the movie and after I saw the movie, I have no real desire to read any of the books. I will try and keep this review as spoiler free as possible because, I think that if you what the little twist are in this film and you see them coming, then you will loose interest fast, in this film.

I went into this film with an open mind and decided that i will try this film just as a film and not the pre-teen hype that I have heard about it. I also went to this film with a group of friends to judge their reaction to it, to see if I would have missed something. After the film was over, I was thinking, "I really wasted my $ and why were the ladies going crazy over this junk?"

The film basic plot is that a teen age girl falls in love, hard, for a cute boy vampire. Since its about a teenage girl, you are also given a PC view of her new friends and that everyone is confused about love. This is where the film started to lose me. I like High School films but this one just never seemed to be a real high school, To me it was a small town version of 90210 with vampires thrown in and the film soon lost me.

After the film I asked one person why she liked it, She stated that "She had always liked vampire film and that she loved the love story of the film" To me this film was shot for females and their feelings of love and desire. My film mate confirmed my thoughts about this film.

In this writers humble opinion, please drive a steak through the heart of this vampire film and pass on it. The final insult to me was the last scene when a certain vampire shows up and the mind reader could not detect her. It was the final insult for this reviewer about this film.

Grade D-

Opened in Korea: 12-10-08

Isabella Swan: [to Edward] I'd rather die than to stay away from you.

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