Monday, December 15, 2008

Nerine Viljoen has died.

Nerine Viljoen, a South African woman who was teaching English in Mokpo, has died as a result of injuries sustained in a November 29th apartment fire. As per the Facebook group:
Nerine passed away at 11:00 this morning.(Korean time) Her heart failed and the doctors could not get it going again. The memorial service will be Tuesday morning in Mokpo. I just wanted the parents to tell the family first and not for family members to read it on facebook. That's why I'm only informing everyone now.

Donation information again is here:
Nicko Janse van Vuuren
Shinhan Bank
acc no. 110 -194 -121017

A reader wanted to pass along some information regarding the "Mokpo Pub Quiz," a regular event that, this time, will benefit Nerine's cause. The next one is planned for December 19th, in Mokpo of course; more information on the Facebook page.

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