Sunday, December 07, 2008

Well the last few weeks have been fun here in Korea as we are winding the semester to an end.

For the week on 25-29 of thanksgiving I was in Daejeon, Daegu, Seoul and Incheon and I loved every minute of it.

On Thanksgiving, Jades Kitchen had a nice t-day celebration with real turkey and it was very delicious.

On Friday 5 of us, Kevin Julie,Jay, Jeromy and me went to Daegu for an all you can eat buffet. Once again it was good food and it was a great time had by the 5 of us.

On Saturday I went to Seoul for the Republican's abroad "Thanksgiving" dinner. This year it was held at the VFW Canteen and the food was great. It was interesting to listen to everybody and we had a great dinner. I took the KTX back to Daejeon and proceeded to pass out.

Now on Monday, I had to go to Incheon Airport and meet Brian once again. He was able to travel to Korea for a few days and it was nice, once again, to see my friend.

He really seems to like it here in Korea and he loves Cass Beer. It was a sort trip because he had to get back to college and try and become better educated. Thanks for the visit and hopefully he can visit Korea soon and for a bit longer this time.

On 12-6 I had only planned to go to the Woosong Christmas Party. Once again it was an all you can eat and I took full advantage of that. The turkey was great and everything else was also.

There was also an event at the Brickhouse for Annie's animals. At about 910pm, I caught my second wind and I was off to that event.

They had a singles auction, and there has been this person that I have always had an eye on, so I reminder her about the movies and she said , If you win the auction. So she was the first auction and I stood up and yelled 50,000 Won. I don't thinks that she expected me to bid, because I was messing with Jereomy all night about How I would bet on him and then not some nice comments added to it. Well I won and payed the tab. It started out the bidding quite well.

After the auction I went home and went sound to sleep.

This week we will have our final exams and I will be at the office early to get all copies made and ready to go. Its going to be a long week.

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