Friday, March 20, 2009


After the Feb 12 court session (first & only one so far) the judge sided in our favor on 3 requests.

1) a couple of sauna employees must now submit to questioning by my/Mike's lawyer

2) we receive color photos of the autopsy & sauna pools as opposed to the black and white xerox photos we have now... most are just black squares on a page.

3) we get to tour the sauna room, because there's discrepancy in the police report about the logistics and order of events. The statements from different sauna employees don't match.

Under labor laws, the employer has certain responsibilities concerning our visa status, ie representing us to the police, allowing us to go to court, etc. The labor board has made a determination in my case and the visa responsibilities only apply to me, not my dependent.

Because the events surrounding my son's change in visa status (from breathing to not breathing) do not impair my ability to teach, the employer don't have to do jack shit, in fact they can deny me the right to go to court.

Yeungnam Uni. hasn't taken this last step, but it was threatened during a meeting with my supervisor on Tuesday.

Happy Days eh?

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