Monday, March 23, 2009

Well, it has been awhile since I have done any personal blogging. I think that I just wanted to catch up from my vacation and the first month back into the new semester.

I could not believe what a great vacation I had back home. It was nice to see the family and to see my nephews and nieces start to grow up. I still can not believe that Josh has had a girlfriend for 2 years and no one bother to tell me.

I also got to meet my brothers new wife, (this one is #4) I like this one. She has 2 kids and we got along.

Now the trip back to Korea was interesting.

I found out that the printer I had bought at Fry's could have been shipped back to Korea as a 2nd bag. (So the next time, I will do that) I will also try and get the right departure gate. I had the wrong one from AA. But I managed to get to the right gate and checked in ok.

I flew from Dallas-LA-Tokyo-Seoul. I left Denison Texas at 0400 24 Feb 2009 and Arrived back in Daejeon South Korea at 0130 26 Feb 2009. When i hit LA, I found a copy of the LA Times and had a quick dinner at Chilli's. It was nice to have a meal and just to relax for a while.

I was able to get a good sea and flew from LA to Tokyo. Not much really happened here, I could not get to sleep and I was able to cat nap maybe 1 hours sleep and the movies were just not that interesting. So I just listened to the radio and took it easy.

Now I did not have much time in Tokyo Airport, so I had to re-checked thought their customs and went to get a quick bite of food. by the time I was done the plane To Seoul was getting crowded.

Then i caught a break, I had been upgraded to business class. I could not believe it. The chair had a massage button and it really felt good and I re-watched Mamma Mia. I also saw a fellow teacher on the plane and when i yelled her name, she couldn't believe that it was me.

The flight on Business class from Tokyo to Seoul was great. The legroom and a small meal just topped a great fight. I knew that I had to go fast from Incheon to the train station so I took off, I saw the fellow teacher and she had told me that her b/f had bus tickets to Daejeon. (I did not know that their were any late buses back to Daejeon), So I got through customs first and went to her b.f and said, I love you sweetie, thanks for coming to get me." The look on his face was priceless. I told him that she was a few moments behind me. He told me where to get the bus tickets and I was able to leave at 1010.

I actually got about 1 hour sleep on the bus. I took a cab from Dong-Gu bus terminal to my apartment and went to line and emailed my family that I was back in Korea. I got a few hours sleep and it took me a few days to readjust to everything.

The cable TV did an upgrade, I have more channels and I like it.

I went back to the office on Thursday and found my schedule, saw old faces and slowly started up for the new semester.

I have classes on all 5 days now and I have 6 office hours now. I have been made an IDT for the TEI (Tourism English Instruction). I have no idea what they want me to do.

So far the semester is ok, I have the first test ready to go and will give the students there first exam this week.


Now for what else is going on around me here in Daejeon.

Last week, I went to Church near subway stop 108, I like it and I have been back to it. I was hungry and decided to eat at outback in old downtown. I has just started when I saw a familiar face. I yelled, "Brad what are you doing here?" It was the Hanwha Eagles (Korean Baseball Team) reliever that I met last year. He couldn't believe that I was here also.

(Now for the reason I was surprised to see Brad at Outback, Is that Brad is from Australia and Outback is a fake Aussie chain that is somewhat popular in the USA. I have known a few Aussie that actually hate it and will never set foot in it. I was surprised to see an Aussie in a fake Aussie Place."

We talked awhile about baseball and the WBC.

I told him that the WBC was intresting this reason for me, I know you and you were pitching for the Australia team, I have seen 23 out of the 25 players on Korea team play at Hanabat Stadium (Where the Hanwha Eagles Play). I am an American, So I will cheer for the USA team.

I have been to a few games and so far and the spring training games have been ok. I have faith in the Eagles but Lotte and SK look good.


Well this is just a short upddate on whats going on here in Korea.

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