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By GI Korea on March 24th, 2010 at at 4:03 pm

No Gun Ri Movie “A Little Pond” Receives Poor Reception At Media Screening

I knew this movie would be crap because of the lies it is spreading in regards to the No Gun Ri tragedy, however I didn’t expect the media to also be turned off by this movie as well:

After nine years in the making, “A Little Pond” — the film that portrays the events around the No Gun Ri Massacre during the Korean War — is finally ready to roll out in theaters nationwide.

The film had its first official press screening at the CGV Wangsimni in Seoul on Thursday to a packed house of reporters, critics, and photographers.

It was a testament to the amount of interest shown toward the infamous No Gun Ri Massacre — the harrowing event that rocked the nation in 1999 when a trio of Associated Press reporters spearheaded by Choe Sang-hun first uncovered the Korean War atrocity.

Prior to its completion, the production had been widely publicized as a project that was described as a labor of love from everyone involved with most of the headlining actors forgoing pay to off-set the lack of funding it received.

The film stars some of Korea’s most acclaimed acting talent like film and theater veterans Moon Seung-keun, Kang Shin-il, Kim Roe-ha, Song Gang-ho, Moon So-ri, and Yu Hae-jin.

But for a film that took so much time, effort, and passion from its cast and crew, it got a lukewarm response from the local press and movie critics.

The post-screening Q&A session with the cast and director was an awkward affair. Reporters who were clearly unimpressed with the film were reluctant to ask critical questions out of respect for the subject matter. [The Korea Herald via Extra Korea!]

All I have to say is that the director Lee Sang-woo is lucky I wasn’t there to ask him questions.

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The Anti-Jihadist said...

You are right, Mike, about one thing--this movie has nothing to do with retelling the facts. Especially when those facts get in the way of one's hip, trendy, barely-concealed raging anti American political agenda.