Monday, July 26, 2010

Movie Review: How to Train your Dragon (4D PLEX)

From Wikipedia.

4-D film (sometimes written 4D film) is a marketing term that describes an entertainment presentation system combining a 3-D film with physical effects in the theatre, which occur in synchronization with the film. Because the physical effects are expensive to set up, 4-D films are usually presented only at special venues such as theme parks and amusement parks. However, in South Korea, some movie theaters also have the ability to present a 4-D film and the film Avatar was one of 10 films that have received the treatment, starting with Journey to the Center of the Earth

Some theme parks and cinemas choose to name such venues 4-D (four dimensional), although they are not literally four-dimensiona. The idea of calling an experience with effects 4D is merely an extension of videos progressing from 2-D to the more immersible 3-D (neither game nor movie can be currently produced in true 3-D). Some of the effects simulated in 4-D films include rain, wind, strobe lights, and vibration. The use of water sprays and air jets is also common. A 4-D film is not shown in a motion simulator, although some seats in 4-D venues vibrate or may move a few inches during the presentation.

On July 22 CGV Say Department store opened up screen #1 as a 4D PLEX cinema. I saw that they were going to show How to Train Your Dragon in this 4D format. I had seen the film a few months ago and I loved it, so I decided to check out this version of 4D. The only other 4D film I had seen was SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D .

The film cost me 15,000 Won and I really felt that it was worth it.

I noticed that we were shot with some mist, the chairs moved and with the 3D, I really felt that I was flying with the dragons. I really started to think about how films had advanced from the earlier seats that shook you to the present 4D movements.

I thought that the film was great the first time and I thought that the 4D made the film better. The best review I received after the film was the 2 children I saw and they were smiling and they told me that they liked the film.

Is this the future of films or is this the latest fad that will soon fade into history? Please go to the CGV and decide for yourself.

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