Friday, January 14, 2011

Film Review: Megamind

Once again, I saw the trailer for this film, I did not laugh at any of the clips and just wondered, At one time wasn't Will Ferrell a really funny person? I do recall laughing at his films but when this film was over, I did not do any laughing and I wondering after 2 bad films back to back (This one and Shrek 4) Has Dreamworks animation started to run out of idea for great films?

I must admit the main idea of this film did sound interesting at first. What does a super villain do when he has finally destroyed his version of a hero? I liked the idea that the film was going to go and it really sounded great...until, the put that idea into this film and I really could not believe what I was watching.

To me this film was a very badly rejected idea from Pixar about the failed return of the Incredibles. The entire films seems like a badly copied version of it. I never liked the hero, the failed hero. I wanted to try and like this film but it really lacks any new ideas and it never took hold of me to make me like any of the films hero's or villains. The film has great ideas but the film has no center, the film has no heart and it soon fails upon itself.

As I was watching this film, it just kept getting worse and worse and instead of laughing at this comedy, I felt sorry for anyone who actually had to pay to this this piece of garbage. It fails on every level.

The film will be showing at the IMAX also, so if you really want to see this film then please do, If you have any doubt on this film please run away very fast and never waste your time or money on this film.

Grade: F

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