Friday, January 14, 2011

Movie Review: The Fighter (2010)

Well going into this film there were so surprises for this life long boxing fan. I knew of the record of the main person of this film "Irish" Micky Ward. I also knew of his brothers story and I knew the results of Ward fights. Even with me knowing all of this is still want to see this film when it comes to Korea on the big screen on March 10, 2011. Yes the film is that good.

A few days before I saw this film I rewatched the Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward trilogy, to remind myself why Ward was such a great fighter. I also knew that these fights would not be included in the film.

When I first heard of this films coming out, I was wondering who will play Micky, and when Mark Wahlberg was announced, I really had a good feeling about it. You had to cast someone from the Boston area or the actor couldn't pull off all of the little things that a local would know about Mickey and Mark pulls it off very well. I also watched some of Micky's fights after I watched the movie and the film really shows what a fighter Ward really was.

The film starts with a HBO film crew following his brother around and they think that its for a HBO Boxing special and when its revealed to be about an ex-fighter crack addiction, you really start to see the film go to the next level.

Christian Bale was cast as Dick "Dicky" Eklund, Micky's brother and trainer and by his acting you really think that you are watching the brother decent into crack hell and how he slowly tries to redeem himself to his brother. When Mark and Christian are both on there game here in this film, you slowly see that this isn't a good film, its a great one.

What I also liked about the film was that they showed the relationship that he has with his mother and his sisters. At times it looked liked a mess but at times so do families. So I liked that they showed the story of his family.

The film ends with Ward winning the WBU title and does no show the trilogy and for this film that is the right decision. You would need another film alone just to show that trilogy story.

The film has been nominated for a few awards and would not surprise me during "Oscar" time this film wins a few of the major awards.

Grade: A+

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