Monday, January 03, 2011

Winter Film Reviews.

I have fallen behind on some of the movie reviews. This review will have films that are still currently playing in Korea.

The Tourist

Have you ever watched a film preview and just wondered if this film will actually be this bad? Sad to say this film was actually worse. I have no idea who said that putting the stars together, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, would actually work as a film.

The film has some very huge plot holes that just left me wondering why the film went this way. I really thought that everyone involved in this film just showed up to get paid and the heck with any real acting.

The only thing I can recommend about this film was the city of Venice, Where the film was made on location. I had heard that the city was beautiful but with this film, it made me, one day, want to visit it.

This film is so bad that it isn't even worth the time to download it. Please pass at all cost.

Grade: F

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

This film left me puzzled, I did not hate it but I really didn't like it. Later on I figured out why i didn't like it.

I don't know if anyone remember the old K-Tel Music Albums. They would always make albums that had only the popular hits of the album's theme. To me that is exactly what was wrong with the film.

You get to see all of the scenes that were the hits of this book but you are only shown about 1 minute of it in the film. For example when Harry's guardians left there home, the book was very detailed in this part but the film showed about 1 minute of it and it was over. I kept seeing the same mistakes thought this film. To me this part one was about 30-45 minutes too short. I could see a really great film in this but instead of a real full film we are shown it best parts, but without the filler that is required to make it into a great one.

I do hope that Part 2 will be a better film.

Grade: C

Tron: Legacy (3d IMAX)

Now I remember seeing the first film back in 1982 and I recalled that I liked it but never thought about a sequel for it. So when I saw the preview for this film a few months ago, I knew that I wanted to see it and when I saw that the film would be released in 3-D IMAX, I knew that I had to see this film in this format.

If you have never seen a film in 3D IMAX then please see this one in this format.

I was really surprised by this film, It had a good story an interesting plot and some great 3D graphics.

One real surprise in this film was the short cameo of Michael Sheen, Just watch the film when he is in it. He really nailed the role that he had in this film.

Basically this film is about a son trying to find his father and what happens when they find each other. The story was simple enough and after it was over the audience really seemed happy.

Please see this film while it playing here in Korea.

Grade: A

The Last Godfather

Well after the success/failure of D-War Director Hyung-rae Shim is back with his new film The Last Godfather It is basically a spoof of the Godfather series with a Korean Son intertwined into the story line.

The idea of this film is very simple, The time is 1951 and the Don feels that it is time to retire and give the business to his Korean Son,(Young-Gu) which no one knows anything about. The film then shows how a Korean comedian tries to enter the mafia.

The film is a comedy so there were times that I did find myself laughing at this film, but there we also times at this film I went WTF. Wait until you see the musical act that Young-Gu goes to see to try and get used to NYC. I really could not believe that it was actually them and it was a huge mistake of casting.

By the end of the film, I realized that it wasn't a great film but it was worth one viewing just so see a decent spoof of Mafia films. Please see it when you get a chance.

Grade: C-

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