Saturday, July 09, 2005

The final cut

For those who know me and have heard my political discussion have heard me say many times that I am Pro-War and if the US Army recalls me, I go. I am a history major and I have seen appeasement never work and now we get these cowards who use their god to justify murder. I was trying to decide how to write this when i came upon the by a man by the name of Jason G. Williscroft. I could not say this any better than this man did. If they did kill the US Soldier in Afghanistan by behedding then they have told us how to treat them when we capture them. Where is the protest from the ACLU, Amenist International and others who whine if the US does anything wrong. I'm wating ACLU....

And there you have it.

The world has two stark choices: appeasement, or combat. The animals who did this, who killed hundreds in Madrid, who killed thousands on 9/11... those animals will not stop killing until they get their way. Their way is a return to the Dark Ages, to rule by cynically superstitious thugs rather than rule by law, and is not to be tolerated by any member of any civilized society, anywhere on Earth.

The animals who will undertake such action are not interested in soft words, except inasmuch as they distract the speaker and further their own interests. Compromise is not an option, because the essence of compromise is good faith, and--as the above photo demonstrates--these animals have none. So far as humanity is a consequence of civilization, the perpetrators of such acts are no more human than a pig rutting in a pool of its own excrement.

(It's the best I could do at short notice... I hope any actual swine among my readership will allow for my agitation and forgive any insult implied by the comparison.)

Violence must ultimately be met with violence. A person who believes otherwise is living in a fantasy world. That the United States has elected to meet these animals in a venue of our own choosing instead of one of theirs is just good sense.

So here's a news flash for the denizens of Paris, Berlin, and every other city whose residents seem to believe that coddling terrorists while spurning the few powers with the will to face the problem constitutes a sustainable solution: you're next...

... Because that's just what happens when the lamb invites the wolf in for an afternoon snack.

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