Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The final cut

Well it was a July 4th day. I stayed in Daejeon the entire day. Had to work at my school, didn't want to but oh well. After school was over I went to Say Department store, by bus, and had a nice little dinner. Then the fun started. I took bus 841 to the express bus terminal and was going to take bus 850 to my home well I took 851 and ended up back at Daejeon station, I'm like oh well I can take bus 850 and ill be home, wrong I take bus 850 and end up downtown (I took the wrong direction for 850). So I then take 850 from downtown headed back to Daejeon station and this time I got it right. Only took 2 hours but I really didn't have anything planned for the 4th.

It was a real quiet night here in Daejeon. I did miss not seeing any fireworks but i was able today to see some online so it wasnt all that bad. Like I said real quiet entry for now.

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