Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of JULY.

Well I will have to work tomorrow and to be quite honest I have no real desire to at all. Its a major US holiday but I'm in Korea so I work . Had an intresting weekend. Friday, due to major error in translation or whatever, we stayed until 900pm and i was scheduled to leave at 730pm. My freinds party was at Yong-In City , Suji. So I had to catch a train in the Daejeon train station, and just my luck the train was the cheep one, its cost 7000 won from d to suwon but it takes about 2 hours so when i got their the last bus had left and I had to split a taxi (my cost) 15,000 won.. goodie..

Well, I got to the Suji Wa-Bar, Its a place where foreigners hang out and we enjoy the time. Friday was Canada Day and a lot of the Candians were their celebrating. It was fun to see another country celebrate their day.

I went their to give my friend his US Army promotion gift, a 12 year old bottle of scotch. He liked it. I think my friend has a G.F or whatever we call it here in Korea. We left at 0430 am and helped his freind pack an overnight back and off we went to Yongsan US Army base. I stayed awake so we wouldnt miss our bus stop (PS in suji bus 5500 does stop at Seoul station) I stayed awake and made sure that my friends were ok. It brought a smile to my face when I saw my friend and his gf sleeping and holding hands. Well hope it all works out for them, they have the potential but with dating one can never really say.

Still no gf here for me. Ever since my divorce in 2000, I've only told one girl that I love her. So you can see my dating skills, or a complete lack of them. Its weird I can be the matchmaker, give excellent advice, basically be like the film Hitch and when it comes to me I'm like the 1962 New York Mets. (If you don't know baseball, they lost 120 games that season with 40 wins. It was not a good season.)

Well after we arrived on post I got a few hours sleep when my friend screamed wake up, wake up. After that I was awake for another 17 hours. All of these years no longer in the army and when im screamed to awake, I cant get back to sleep. We started a cookout and it was a fun time. I sat back later in the evening and started to reflect on something.

My father was in the US Army from 1960-1980. I was in from 1989-96 and at the bbq, not much has changed from dads stories, my own stories and what i saw Saturday, it was just mainly the music that has changed. It was a good time, good party and good people to share it with. Lonely yes but still it was a good day. It was also good to see my friend interact well with others and also his gf.

I finally crashed about 2am and slept until 930am, still cant get 8 hours sleep. I helped to clean up and soon left and said goodbye to my friend.

Caught the KXT again but this time is was non stop from seoul to Daejeon, it took 48 minutes, we went over 300km per hour. I am so loving the express train. Think next month Ill try first class. Have no ideal what to expect but hey why not?

And how should I celebrate the 4th of July when I arrived back in Daejeon, that's right go to the CGV and see a HORROR FILM CALLED "Shutter", It was in Thai, I think, the previews had an english subtitle but, when I got to the movies no subs, but I was able to put it together. Still sad almost 40 and i still like horror films. Came home and relaxed.

People if you have a family, enjoy the 4th tommorrow, Ill be working and when I get off I'm going home to watch shadows on the wall...

Happy Birthday My beautiful USA.

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