Thursday, July 14, 2005

The final cut

Ok, I read it and I still don't believe it. Me and the Korean Times agreeing on an issue. It is sad that it took a stupid protest in Seoul and not the last 2 anti-USFK ones that I have earlier talked about. I have always felt sorry for these young police officers that have to stand and take BS and the Law doesn't do anything to stop them. Like I said, sad that this is what it took. My question is how about the BS from the so called legal ones, of if its anti-USFK, nobody cares?

Demonstrators' Occupation of Street
Law Should Be Strictly Applied to Illegal Protests

A democratic Republic of Korea governed by the rule of law vests the citizens with the constitutional rights to assemble and demonstrate, yet at the same time the supreme law restricts those rights for the sake of national security and social order. Last week, thousands of workers from the nationĂ‚’s top umbrella of trade unions occupied the very heart of Seoul, namely the Kwanghwamun area, to stage their illegal street demonstration.

It was no wonder that the traffic was paralyzed for hours, having caused severe inconvenience and damage to drivers and pedestrians, in the sizzling summer heat. The citizens who were driving in the area or passing by when the demonstrators occupied the street could not but lose their precious time, stranded in their cars or blocked by police lines. How could such an incident happen and be allowed in what should be a lawful country?

Thousands of riot police troops and dozens of police buses sealed the vicinity of the unionists’ demonstrations to prevent possible accidents. Yet, the state police power seemed to have no authority and looked helpless in applying the legal provisions to the workers who were causing citizens pain just in order to act toward their selfish goals. The unionized workers who take to the streets in pursuit of their own interests seem more concerned about harassing others than talking constructively about their demands.

They do not have the slightest right to harass other people and nothing can justify their illegal actions. It is disgusting that they care nothing for how their actions affect their fellow citizens. Even once did the militant union workers think of the pain our young drafted police troops suffered due to their illegal, violent protests under the scorching sun? (how about the abuse to your young drafted police take from anti-USFK protestors?)

Who will compensate for the damage caused by traffic jams as a result of the illegal street protests, namely lost productivity, wasted gasoline in this time of soaring crude prices and worsening air pollution, not to speak of the stress induced by being helplessly stranded in a car? The law enforcement authorities should adopt a tougher policy against illegal demonstrators. Demonstrations should be allowed only in specific areas to prevent the participants from harassing ordinary citizens intentionally or unintentionally. Otherwise the illegal practices must be severely dealt with according to law for the street is the place where people coexist.

Order in the streets is the very barometer of a developed, democratic society and is essential for social and national order. Let our young policemen perform their given duties of fighting crimes and social evils, particularly guarding the nation against possible terrorist attacks. Citizens must not be made to suffer any more from the gridlock caused by the illegal occupation of streets by unionized workers and various special interest groups.

Our citizens are fed up with the shameless strategy these demonstrators use in seizing the streets.

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