Saturday, September 17, 2005

Holly Cow, Somebody finally noticed..

as you can see in the photos posted below I have copied the 3 page letter from a few members of congress to the South Korea President. All I can say it is about time. the following was reported..

Meanwhile, the Chosun Ilbo unintentionally shows us how far the objective study of history has to go in Korea when it says that "phrases in the U.S. lawmakers' letter like 'liberating Korea twice' are apt to hurt Korean pride." The Chosun could stand to run that sentence through the same grinder as the slander about MacArthur. I suspect that I'm not the only American, Briton, Australian, or Chinese who is more than a little peeved that Korea has forgotten that it was pried out of the Japanese Empire because of things that happened at Tarawa, Okinawa, the Coral Sea, and a thousand forgotten battles between Nanking and the Burma Road.


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