Monday, September 12, 2005

I helped a girl buy a cat.

I work with another american at my school, she is from Pittsburgh PA. We talk and hang out every now and then. I took her and another teacher to the Osan AB ville and showed them around. We had a grat time and she wanted to buy a cat, So she bought this very small cat and then we proced to go on the taxi, subway and train with a small cat in tow. We even went into Home Plus with this cat, I found a few items for the cat and we all looked crazy trying to get cat products and hold onto a cat at the same time. It was a nice experience, she has a cat and she is happy.

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J.H. said...


I couldn't believe that Florida State pulled it off myself...but what do I know?

I'm definitely still thinking of going to Korea. I think about going everyday. But my blood pressure goes up when I start to think about not using a recruiter.

I just don't know that I could get a good contract my first time out with a Hagwon without a recruiter. But even, Footprints, who I was going to go with, has been getting some bad reviews of late.

So, it's a never ending thought process, of should I go....or not.

Sounds like your having fun!

Somedays I wish I would just do it.