Wednesday, September 21, 2005

If you remember a statment that I made a few post ago about The Fucking MacArthur song..

Ok Mr. Park please show your records of this so-called statment, I am A world history major and I couldnt not find any records of this statment. Now release the statment or shut the fuck up!

Well guess where he got this from...North Korea...

You’ll remember “Fucking USA” singer Park Seong-hwan recently did a song calling Gen. Douglas MacArthur a murderer and accusing him of ordering atrocities during the Korean War. In the song, he does a bit of narration:

Between verses two and three, Park adds his own narration. “Seize Seoul. There are girls and ladies there. For three days, Seoul will be yours — UN Commander Douglas MacArthur, September 1950.” Park says historical records confirm that this is an authentic quote by the maverick commander.

Well, this sparked OhMyNews’ Son Byeong-gwan’s curiousity, namely as to where the quote came from. So he called up the singer, who told him he got the quote from a June 25 op-ed by Jang Chang-hun, a researcher with a center attached to a particular left-wing civic group. Son then calls up Jang, who says he found the quote via an Internet search when he was writing a 2002 report, and while he couldn’t remember the source exactly, he believed it to be Sungkonghoe University professor Han Hong-gu. Hong, however, denies ever saying such a thing, even though he was quick to note that in his view, MacArthur isn’t the kind of person you should build a statue to (one might wonder about Han’s thoughts on a Kim Il-sung statue, though). He also noted that he didn’t know if Big Mac ever directly ordered atrocities, although his subordinates might have.

So Son asked Park Se-gil, the writer of “Rewriting Modern Korean History,” where the MacArthur quote might have come from. Park answered that one could guess he might have said something like that because there were materials related to it, but he didn’t know the exact source.

This didn’t satisfy Son, or another university professor familiar with modern Korean history (who chose to remain nameless, I guess lest his commie friends give him grief during faculty drinking parties) that it was nonsense that MacArthur ordered the massacre of civilians, and that he was concerned about some of the claims that were currently being pushed that were not grounded in fact.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Son concluded in his first piece that one could not, as of around noon Friday, say that Park’s song was based on objective fact. About this, the singer said, “Because we aren’t scholars… we’re going to have to look a little more for material [to prove the lyrics].”

Later on Friday afternoon, however, Son got his answer. Jang Chang-hun wrote OhMyNews to tell them that he had found the source of the quote — a North Korean history book that had been translated by pro-North Korean scholars in Japan in 1972 and retranslated into Korean in South Korea in 1991. Jang noted, however, that the book did not attibute sources, either, and said:

“One could easily dismiss it as groundless North Korean propaganda and fabrications… But one cannot conclude that the statements are ‘groundless’ or ‘fabricated’ just because concrete sources for MacArthur’s comments aren’t clarified.”

What the f... So the quote comes from a history book with no real source and this is the truth?

Mr. Park once again I say, please show your records of this so-called statment, I am A world history major and I couldnt not find any records of this statment. Now release the statment or shut the fuck up!

So sir please be quiet and shut up and never sing your lies ever again.

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