Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It was a different week here in Korea. My co-worker had her birthday party and we went to Itewon and I stayed awake until 0500 on Sunday morning. I have got to quit doing that.

Last week on the 19th It was Korea Thanksgiving. My students have been telling me of what they do. They went to their grandparents house and ate a lot of different types of foods and they went to the cemeteries to pay respect to their ancestors.

A few of us gathered at my co-workers place and had a Cook-out. I was listening to everybody talk and the point of family came out. My co-worker made the point that the foreigners here in our little circle are a family. We argue, bitch and generally try and help each other. I was looking at this motely crew who we have here, 2 from New Zealand, 2 from Australia, 3 from USA, a few from Canada and others that seem to come and go, depending on which way the winds blow on that day.

It should be an intresting year here in Daejeon.

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Chelsea-Anne said...

I am glad that you are settling in just fine... know though that the village is looking for a few good teachers if you ever feel like jumping ship.