Wednesday, December 28, 2005

This is one bloggers comment about my being santa

Their names are Dan (No Pants Dan)and Greer, they are from New Zeland and are some awesome people. In her blog I read that she wanted to vegetate for a while, so me ,being half-insane, I came up with their XMAS Present. 72 cds and dvd filled with movies. This should hopefully let her veg for awhile. In a few days when my computer is up and running I will post alot more Christmas photos.

Santa says: "I'm Rick James, bitch. Enjoy yourself, it's a celebration!"

On Friday, we had the L.A. Christmas Event (this is how the kids kept referring to it; [attempts Korean accent] "Kurisumas Ebentu". Any special happening is always designated an Event in Korea--it's cool). There were three separate Events, really, one for the kindergarten kids and one each for the first two shifts of kids that come in the afternoon. Apparently the 5:30-7:00 students are too cool for school events and never participate in them properly, so they didn't get a proper Christmas Event, just some pizza and the first hour or so of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on pirated DVD. They were actually supposed to have a regular class first and then the party, but the foreign teachers decided that All Party All The Time was the way to go. (HP was from me also!)

Anyway. The real Christmas Events. Each class had practiced songs and plays to perform in front of the other students, which was pretty cool, even though my Harvard boys didn't get to do The Twelve Days of Christmas like we'd been practicing. Andy didn't show up on the day, and they'd all been nervous enough about they idea of getting up and singing with just three of them--two was deemed a bit too much for them to handle.

The total high point of the day, though, was this:

That's Mike [and Chan, The World's Most Adorable Genius]. He's from Texas, is about 6'5", ex-US Army, and teaches at another school in the area. The original idea was for Dan, Nicole, Taunya and I to take turns dressing up and handing out presents to the kindergarten kids (or else just for Dan to do it--a couple of different ideas got thrown around). But then Nicole came up with the idea of asking Mike. He has a much more Santa-like physique than any of us, and (most importantly) the kids don't know him. The excitement of a Santa visit would be somewhat lessened, I would think, if it was really obvious that it was Dan teacher under the beard. But Mike? Mike was a totally different story. He came in and was loud and expansive (although he managed to refrain from saying what he says in my subject line, which is this particular Santa's favorite catchphrase), and generally Santa-like and the children were SO excited. They kept asking us "Dan teacher? Dan teacher?" and we could point at Dan and say "No! THERE'S Dan teacher! That's SANTA!" (and I gave them Dave Chappelle Season 2 on DVD so that they could watch that Rick James show)

He sat on the auditorium stage for ages under the hot lights, endured having a minimum of two photos taken with every kid, and said something sweet to each one, and just lapped up all the little kisses on the cheek and "I love you, Santa-haraboji (grandfather)"s. And yeah, some of them were scared of him (Chan up there looks a little worried...he shouldn't be, though, he could vanquish any Evil Santa with his superior mental powers), but who hasn't been scared of Santa at one point or another? (well i am a very tall santa)

It was really cool. Thanks Mike. You were fantastic.

You are most welcome

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