Monday, December 26, 2005

Well guess what I did a few days ago here in Korea? I played Santa.

There is a couple here by the name of Dan and Greer, they teach at a school called "Little America". A New York City girl by the name of Nichole also teaches here in the school (thats her in the photo above. In the second one Santa told her that Johnny Damon became a Yankee. She cheers for the Boston Red Sox's)She is a very smart woman, so I have no idea why she picked Boston but , Oh well.)

Dan is the only male teacher at his school and if he wore the Santa outfit the Kids would have figured it out. So when they asked me if I would be Santa, I said yes. My school wasn't doing anything and I thought that it would be fun. I got dress up in the Santa out fit and walked to their school. The looks on the people faces when I walked by was awesome. A 6'4 white guy, in Korea wearing a Santa suit and yelling "Merry Christmas" was just too funny.

I met Dan at the 7-11. (It is a Korean version of it) and he helped me into my beard and final touch ups. Then we went upstairs to see the Kids.

The other Korean teachers at his school looked at me like, OMG he is big. Dan is about 5-10, so when 6'4 comes walking in, and esp. DRESSED LIKE SANTA. I drew alot of stares. Then It came showtime.

The kids thought that teacher Dan was going to be Santa, so when me and him both walked in the kids were like, OK this is not Dan Teacher, who Is this? I am the real Santa!

Their was one moment when I almost started to cry, a little girl gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I almost started to cry. I was thinking, OK now that was worth me dressing up as Santa. The various photos are me with kids from the school.

I hammed it up and played Santa, I now understand why they cant smile sometimes, my beard made my face very warm.

After I played Santa, I went to my school and passed out the Christmas gifts to my Korean Co-workers. I gave box sets of "Lost" "Sex and the City" and "Desperate Housewives." They loved them. Last week I took my bosses oldest son and his friend with me as we watched King Kong at the Say CGV.

I really did enjoy that, they reminded me alot of me when I was their age. We played video games after the movie and I took the boys to Pizza Hut and we ate pizza. It was snowing that day so that was nice also.

On Christmas Eve, I really did not want to do anything (for those who do not know that was my Dads Birthday, and last year he died. I just felt very alone on Christmas Eve.) Their was a party and they prommised turkey and dressing so I went and I am so glad that I did. I ate until I could not eat anymore and when I went home I went straight to bed.

On Christmas Day, Ben and Carrie were having a celebration at their place in Suji and I was invited so I went. (Ben leaves for Ft. Lee VA. next month, Carrie will be allowed to go with him. I was so glad to them both). The food was awesome and I was full when I left.

It was a good Christmas, I played Santa, ate some great food and I made alot of kids happy. The only really bad thing was I still have no idea where my 2 are. So one day Claudia and Sean, if you read this, YOU 2 WERE IN MY HEART AND IN MY MIND AND PRAYERS. I miss you both so much. Merry Christmas my children. Daddy thinks of you every day and hope one day that we can find each other.

Merry Christmas to all and I hope that you enjoyed my gifts to you.

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